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while i was kinda sorta away~

Yeah, using LJ cut with embed tweets gives an ugly format. ugh

Anyway, no matter how many times I rewatch this I end up laughing out loud watching Junno. He was just so beyond himself whenever he watched Uepi shadowbox. Sigh. I want to scream. These days were perfect, weren't they?

But there are other less bittersweet things to be happy about... like Kame just completed his 24hrs TV charity programme and his drama got an over 25% viewership. His performace singing was also good as well as his fashion show. The boy is doing great things!

Then Ueda just landed a lead drama role.

He seemed so happy about it. Duh lol

I am really excited that he finally got a project. Ueda is really a hard man to keep track of. One minute he's in Indonesia erasing graffiti, the next he's somewhere in Shanghai and the next he's in Milan selling ramen? lol

8/15 Milan need a full breakdown of this Milan trip! I still feel like Ueda is being underpromoted.

My only down about his new project is that, I'm not a drama person so after a few episodes, I tend to wander off. I haven't even seen Nakamaru's last massage drama as yet and I didn't finish Kame's last one. ugh.

Though speaking of Nakamaru, I didn't hit once for his special 'fun time' event next month. I guess I'll try and get a ticket off those online sites.... if they're reasonable. It's just that, for concerts I'll really pay the price but for anything else, I will need lots more convincing.

Then reasons why I need KAT-TUN back!

Member ai moments like this;

LOL. It's good to see Kame's love for Nakamaru hasn't faltered. And as usual, Maru is acting like nothing happened but Kame being the teasing attention 'whore' did it twice to get Maru's attention lol I love love looooooove it! XD <3

And to end. This video had me cracking up. I think this is the closest I've ever seen someone react the way I would probably react should I one day just happen to meet Kame.

The 360 degrees bit cracked me up haha

Hilarious girls XD

But really, all I want for Christmas is KAT-TUN together again!
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