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the summer heat is making me emo~

This is me waiting on KAT-TUN to come back.

I finally watched Kame's Shabekuri 007 appearance (Boku Unmei no Hito desu Promo) yesterday and after mentioning the whole 'recharging', he was quick to add it would only be for a short time.

I miss being active in fandom. I miss having KT taking up all my head space and I miss Kame always making perverted passes at Nakamaru and I miss the Tatsuya x Nakamaru bickering like an old couple or when Kame and Tatsuya team up to tease him... and really, strange as it sounds, I miss KT taking all the money in my purse on music releases ><

It just that yesterday I spent a good portion of the evening watching all the programmes they appeared on recently and kept thinking, "it would be nice to see them on the same screen once again".

Hyphens have it hard.
Tags: fangirl-ing, randoms, rant

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