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29 May 2017 @ 09:52 pm
okaaaay~ lots of catching up to do!  
saitama and genos

Well, more than usual, I've been distracted recently. I know what's happening in fandom GENERALLY, but I'm not updated down to the second. I've totally fallen off the wagon with Kame's drama. I mean, the tv is still on, but I've no idea what's happening. And believe you me, I haven't even seen the first episode of Nakamaru's drama... but I think that's all because I'm not a drama person. I get excited for it, then watch the first 2 episodes then before I know it, I don't even know what's happening. Same thing happened with Ueda's last drama.

But on a more updated note, I again managed to see Tatsuya in his Shin Sekai Romance Orchestra butai in Osaka (May 27). It was the usual good. I was in row 7 so closer and it was heaven. His acting was still the same 'well done'. Though I even found some of his lines delivered even more naturally this time. I remember watching the one at Tokyo Globe, a part where he was angry at his girlfirend because she kept nagging him about them fated to be together and they should get married, and I was, "wow, that's scary". But this time around, he was still angry but more mellow in his tone. This is why I like watching an early date as well as a late date to see how much the actors grow in their role. The Osaka theatre was packed. He got his standing ovation and as usual, he seemed like he wanted us to hurry and leave lol

And also another happy news! I won tickets to Kame's Follow Me~

patrick dancing

Tickets were tough to get this time so that's how I know Kame is a superstar lol. I can't wait to see him sweating and grabbing his crotch and grinding *___* I can't wait to see him perform his latest solo~ speaking of solo, I really haven't yet found a song I'm hooked to on his and YamaPi's recent release. I mean, the songs aren't bad but they're not my cup of tea, I suppose.

And speaking of cup of tea~ when the Follow Me announcement was made, I was really shocked. Honestly, I wasn't 100% happy because I kept thinking, "Does this mean I won't get a Ueda solo concert?"

And I've been saying this over and over and over again~ Kame brought me to KAT-TUN but it's Ueda's music that kept me interested to their songs. I'm really a slave a Ueda's style of music. And I know he has been getting projects and I'm glad for that but for me, personally, I won't see this hiatus' full potential until Ueda gets to release music in some form. Concert or CDs. Anything music is good for me.

Anyway, after listening to Kame's new solo, I suddenly started looking forward to the concert lol I guess I'm a pervert because for sure, even if the song isn't on key with me, Kame surely won't disappoint with a sexy performance *smirk smirk*

And speaking of disappointments... Koki.

I think it was last week when I casually logged onto twitter and reading tweets about KAT-TUN trending. I remember how NATURALLY, my heart skipped a beat then started to beat fast because the first thing I thought was "OMG, KAT-TUN MUST BE BACK". So I asked someone what they were trending for (because I hate backreading) and I was then told, Koki was arrested. Honestly, I didn't even need to ask arrested for what... I immediately suspected it was for ganja.

I have nothing against ganja/marijuana. I'm from a culture where ganja is a part of everyday life. A recreational amount is legal. BUT BUT BUT BUT..... EVERYONE KNOWS IT'S ILLEGAL IN JAPAN!!!!!

Japan is shit serious about illegal drugs.

Now, this only makes clear that Koki still hasn't realised his role as a public figure. After all that went down with JE, Koki still doesn't understand his responsibilily being in the public domain. Sure. Smoke your weed. As I said, I don't care. As a matter of fact, I promote it over cigarettes. But for goodness's sake, do it responsibly! Like a secret part at his home or a secret base or something. Not in your car.... he said it's not his but really?! Even if it's not his, he should've told whoever it belongs to, to wrap it up.

And you know the crazy thing? It seems like folks are actually defending Koki... talking that he's only human and talking bad of Hyphens who might have lashed out at him since KT's name is once again in the news in a negative way.

This is laughable. This is also why I don't really go on twitter much. My brain just isn't wired the same way as other people's lol

Because really, the only people anyone should feel sorry for are Koki's fans and his bandmates... the people he once again disappointed. I was there once... it took a while but now I'm sure and glad I've gotten over him.

But on a brighter now, the few times Junno shows up in my vision, he has me smiling. Junno is doing his thing. His recent music isn't my cup of tea but I see him working hard and getting exposed and I just can't help but cheer for him and wish him all the best <3

But ultimately, all I want is;


and NO. No, LJ cut this time!
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Eien no Kazuya: pic#126980683siennaphan on May 29th, 2017 10:23 pm (UTC)
Yay, you're back, lol..

I love ~follow me~ I guess Im perverted too, Congrats on The first Concert,

I like reading your report^^
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on May 30th, 2017 12:37 pm (UTC)
All Kame fans are perverts lol
Definitely like master like servants XD
I hope I can keep my focus at the concert and control the freak out episodes >
chiitakachie on May 30th, 2017 07:12 am (UTC)
whoaaaa congratulation for winning the ticket~~~ \(^w^)/
please do make fanrepo... little info bout how sexy kame on stage won't hurt anyone xD

and koki.... hahahahhaa... *sigh*
I know he's trouble maker but never thought that he's an user =_='

kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on May 30th, 2017 12:33 pm (UTC)
Ok. I'll try to keep calm and pay attention so I can remember details haha

Yeah, I have no problem with weed. But if you're going to use, use it responsibly.

All the best to him and his fans. I still hope the penalty won't be severe.
crism79: KAT-TUN 3nin B&Wcrism79 on May 30th, 2017 08:36 pm (UTC)
Now that was some catching up :D

And here we can see how much those boys have been busy bees this year! It's been quite the whirlwind, hope that when it passes we'll find our three boys finally together again as KAT-TUN ^^ 200% with you - ultimately I guess we all want them performing and working together again!

I'm also failing on Nakamaru's drama, but waiting for subs to at least understand half the craziness happening,lol. And Kame's drama I've become quite fond of it ^^ One of the things that I enjoy watching his how Kame is able to play Makoto as a plain everyday Joe. No trace of idol Kame. Well except of the last episode in one scene lol. It's a light hearted drama, and I guess I was needing a light, cute, funny drama to lighten up my mood :))

"I can't wait to see him sweating and grabbing his crotch and grinding *___* I can't wait to see him perform his latest solo~"

Oh dear..... just imagining...... *____* I wonder how the show will be, what is that mind concocting to kill/thrill us? Not sure we're ready ><
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on May 31st, 2017 04:00 pm (UTC)
"I wonder how the show will be, what is that mind concocting to kill/thrill us? Not sure we're ready"

I can see him grinning as he plans to kill us sweetly XD

Yeah, lots of catching up.

Kame really doesn't look his usual cool character as played before. Every time I look up at the TV he's running around after the girl lol

But has god given Makoto a good reason why that lady is his fated one?

Busy bees~ I want them even busier but yep, together XD
crism79: KAT-TUN Kame modern 1582crism79 on July 12th, 2017 09:30 pm (UTC)
And... Kame concerts are upon us! Soon we'll know what sweet evil he planned ^^ so excited and anxious for him!

"But has god given Makoto a good reason why that lady is his fated one?"

Yes he did! He said that if Makoto didn't marry the fated girl the world would end in 30 years time. Because then their kid would never be born and become the scientist who saved earth from being hit by an asteroid ^^ Or something like this, lolol

Pretty convincing argument, no? lol
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on July 22nd, 2017 11:52 am (UTC)
oh lord~ go head and give me spoilers how it ended.
Did God!Yamapi ever come back?