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08 February 2017 @ 10:39 pm
falling into place~  
2017.02.08 Pon P & JK movie prom
Let's just all have a HYPHEN group hug (◜◡◝)

I love love looooove how busy everyone is! Kame now in full 'on' mode to promote his movie, Ueda super busy and visible on his drama (I'll get back to this soon), and Nakamaru landing a lead role in another drama. There's so much to be thankful for~ even though they're not together~ But now that everyone is hard at work, I feel like even though apart, they're still connected working hard to one day return to us as a group... stronger‼️

And can I say how PとJK seems like the romance cliché that gives me secondhand embarrassment? lol~ but I'll take anything to see Kame-chan lovey dovey with some twist of agony XD

And I miss Kame's black hair... and that sorta Levi cut. Now, every time I see a pic or vid of him with the brown hair, I always think it's old hehe his brown hair is nostalgic.

OKAY, back to Tatsuya's drama; Shikaku Tantei Higurashi Tabito

ueda kissing
Though, I'm more interested in how pretty Tatsuya is all dolled up in a wedding frock... and the kiss itself; the way he angled his head and held the 'groom' around the nape and the neck... Tatsuya is obviously a passionate kisser *breathes in and out*

And so I sighed countless times since Sunday because not so long ago, I was able to choose and refuse gifs and vids~ but now it saddens me that I couldn't find a gif for this epic moment to post on LJ (I'm also mourning the discontinuation of vine)... and since I'm useless at making things, I always depend on others' talent. With that said, I miss our fandom that was so busy that if I missed checking in for a few hours, so many things would have happened that it would take quite a bit of time to catch up.

People were always here. And things were always happening.

Now I see people jumping into other fandoms, and it's ok... it really is. I just hope that when KAT-TUN returns, so will the crowd of HYPHENS to welcome them XD

tweet link from: 2017.02.08 Pon; P & JK movie promo~ youtube
Shikaku Tantei Higurashi Tabito ep. 3
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kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on February 25th, 2017 03:30 am (UTC)
"Kame's look was the only saving grace of that drama, and yet it was not enough to save it..."

I think it's that drama that made me decide that~ good-looking lead or not, I'll stop watching if the drama is bad~ because as someone who was never into drama from the start, I really suffered watching that one.

Sato Takeru made a good Rurouni Kenshin XD
crism79: KAT-TUN Kame modern 1582crism79 on March 6th, 2017 11:03 pm (UTC)
"good-looking lead or not, I'll stop watching if the drama is bad~"

Lol, I know what you mean. There have been times not even the actor compelled me to watch the show ^^

Ah Kenshin!! That's how I discovered Sato! He was absolutely wonderful as Kenshin *^^* And he has some other stuff that is equally good - I really like him as an actor too ^^