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greatest journey pv
Since Junno's exit, I've been on this constant to and fro pacing with JunDa. At times I feel it makes sense to keep the memories and move on...  almost like I'm biding my time until everything slowly fades.

But then I got an email a few days ago from someone who's not a registered LJ user ~ but after Junno's announcement she looked him up and that's when she stumbled upon my fics~ and that since then, she has been in love with JunDa and asked me to never stop writing them.

The fact that she's not even on LJ but still took the time to email me about her 'happy' find (JunDa), makes me feel like I can't give up just yet - like I should use these memories and make JunDa last a little longer...

 Anyway, folks without a genuine OTP won't understand this.
Tags: fangirl-ing, junda

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