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May 1st just became a very memorable date!

Tokyo Dome 10Ks 3
Just outside the Tokyo Dome, there's a roller coaster. As you walk towards the Dome, you can hear people screaming their lungs out as well as the roller coaster making this thunderous noise~ to any listener it sounded scary but at the same time, folks on the roller coaster were having the time of a lifetime.

It's the thrill.

KAT-TUN Tour "10Ks" in Tokyo Dome: May 01, 2016 @ 6pm, was like a dozen roller coaster rides.

Tokyo Dome 10Ks 2
When some friends told me how different the Tokyo Dome concerts on April 29th & 30th were to Osaka and Nagoya, I could hardly contain my excitement for May 1st ~ I knew what was coming but I couldn't help it (roller coaster) and it didn't disappoint: fire, water, the lighting and explosions... but perhaps the biggest upbeat of all was how KAT-TUN and HYPHENS were on fire.

As usual, I'm writing this report based on my incoherent memory~ so I've added some videos and drawings... and do forgive the typos.

- Before the concert even started, HYPHENS had their penlights ready and started to chant the KAT-TUN *clap clap* - the rhythm like the COME HERE clap and when KAT-TUN finally hit the stage the crowd went mad~ with GOLD (the opening song), performed in the backdrop of water.

- For MOON, I need to check the lyrics of this song because 3nin put on a very sensual feeling during this performance. The microphone stand was decorated or rather dressed as a woman with what's supposed to be a kimono and Kame was on the ground with the mike caressing it in the most sensual desire ever~ people said he was 'having sex' with the microphone stand but it was more like 'making love to the microphone stand' - if you get the difference. So that's Kame being all loving and delicate BUT then!!!!! you had Ueda swinging his microphone stand over his shoulder and then later swinging it around LOL ~ like really, what does he imagine a woman being like?! lol Though sadly, I couldn't see Nakamaru at that time because the stage column was in the way.

- After the the first greeting, I heard people sniffling around me... this was like maybe not even 10 minutes into the concert and folks were already emotional...

This is WHY!

Their intro greetings;

Kame - usually Kame would call the name of the venue, for example, "Osaka Dome, Nagoya Dome etc.." but this time he shouted "HYPHENS"!!!! He actually spoke directly to us ~ making it more intimate.

Nakamaru - he started with, "you know what today is, right?" and then the crowd went crazy because of course, it was the last concert for a while... the last group event for a while~ and then he asked everyone to make it the best concert they've ever had.

Ueda - was all pumped up. Asking the crowd if his 'feelings' are reaching them and jeering them to shout louder. It was fantastic. In my last post, I wrote how quiet Ueda was at the Nagoya and Osaka concerts but at the May 1st Tokyo Dome concert, he was very very very active chatting and dancing (yes, dancing) and singing and during MC, he got himself into the conversation and it all seemed so natural and well put together. I was really happy to see this. It's really his personality to talk when he wants to.

- I've a new found love for UNLOCK. During the interlude, their performance was superb with water and fire and explosions and dancing and the visual was absolutely fantastic!

- For the Nakamaru clinic with Vampire!Kame (well he said he's Dracula lol), I think Nakamaru was more opened to the idea of having Kame's fangs in him lol His attitude was all, 'ok, let's do this' with his neck bare and ready for Kame lol

- Kame sang LOVE YOURSELF again and he was still loving himself looking at his uchiwa and saying how 'bright/shining he was*~ basically saying that his picture was so beautiful that it was blinding hehe

- Ueda came out on his bike again for CHANGE UR WORLD but this time he rode faster. I guess after 4 concerts, he had gotten more used it. It was great!

- Nakamaru did his laser dance to STAR RIDER again. Always pretty.

- During the MC, as I mentioned before, Ueda jumped into NaKame's convo and even carried the converation. After MC (as they were leaving the stage), Nakamaru took up the basket with the water bottles and gave to it Kame LOL it was funny how he just took it up and just gave to him like it's normal. So Kame called him 'Leader'. Ueda called him old man/grandpa, which is always funny because they're the same age lol Anyway, during this same segment, Ueda was saying that Kame uses his arms for baseball, and he Ueda use his for boxing, so what does Nakamaru use his arms for? Nakamaru said beatboxing, though that uses his lips. They were really cute on stage. I feel like they've already started to settle into a dynamics that suits the 3 of them.

- During MC (or maybe it was near the end of the concert) they also joked about how the 3 of them have to now cover for the 3 ex-members and how Ueda has to do the job of 3 people (Taguchi, Tanaka, and Ueda) lol Ueda pretended to be holding onto Junno - he actually extended his hand the way he would for Junno to take it (my heart) and Kame pretended to be between Jin and Koki (holding their hands).

Like this! (no, I wish I had the talent but I didn't draw this)

Tokyo Dome 6

and this! (no, I wish I had the talent but I didn't draw this)

Tokyo Dome 8
Somehow, I found it good how they could still joke about it~ but I guess it's nothing else they can do about it... no use moping now so might as well laugh it off ><

- For the video with Nakamaru promoting of his charger... in Nagoya, he sad pirates robbed him. In Osaka, he said a blonde (Ueda) robbed him lol, and this time at Tokyo, it was Kame who harassed him. He came on the video looking like he was getting his clothes ripped off... well only his sleeve was ruffled~ but I can see Kame sexually harassing Nakamaru lol.

- Kame was being his usual cute self blowing kisses and Nakamaru was acting like he's competing for cuteness too... like he could act cute too~ so he did this cute pout and placed his index finger over his lips XD

OMG! the alarm clocks lol

Nakamaru - he basically said to wake up then suddenly said, well continue sleeping just like that lol. They crowd really had to laugh at this one.

Ueda - As usual very strong and effective. He was shouting to wake up in this thunderous noise but then the smile he did after - this really childish, innocent smile, even if he wakes you up in such a rough way, just imagining his smile would make you forgive him lol

Kame - Kame is a pervert. He was erotic as usual. First, he covered his head with his TEN G cape and started in this really low voice saying, "to wake up and if you wake up then he'll reward you with the usual thing" and then the entired Dome echoed with the sound of his kisses lol. He said he couldn't have done that if he hadn't hid face.

Like this! (no, I wish I had the talent but I didn't draw this)

Tokyo Dome 10Ks 6

- Other stray observations; fans love Nakamaru's deep voice. During RESCUE when he said, "This is my beatbox" fans were crazy for that strong heavy voice~ it was really sexy!

- As soon as the music for KIMI NO YUME BOKU NO YUME started, I didn't hear just sniffling, I heard cries... like actual whimpers and folks wiping their eyes.

The final greeting was something like this;

Ueda - he said the KT ship started out with 6 members but along the way some members left. He also said in the 10 years, both good and bad things happened but even so, HYPHENS still came out to support them at these 10Ks concerts and he's grateful for that. He also said that while he was happy that HYPHENS cried for them (he'd watched the Sakurai Ariyoshi THE Yakai programme that KT appeared on last week), he really just wants to make HYPHENS laugh/smile instead.

Nakamaru - well Nakamaru was out of it and sadly I couldn't follow what he was saying except how much at first he didn't want this break and it worried him~ and you could see that he was really shaken up and he was fidgeting while he spoke ~ like tapping his feet, the way you would if you're nervous or the you have a very important meeting but your train is late and and you're wondering what to do~ that's the feeling I got from him. He even mispronounced KAT-TUN as KATSUN ><

Kame - ever the cautious type with his message. He spoke about how gradually the group has lost members. But even so, he's grateful to the other members (and he called all 6 members' name) because, regardless of how things turned out, without them, the group KAT-TUN wouldn't have been. He was slow in his speech and you could see how much thought he put into it...

2016.05.02 Mezamashi - cr. etsuko

And more!

2016.05.02 Zip

Ueda and Nakamaru hugged and then Kame joined them into a group hug. Maru and Ueda were crying. Ueda was trying to stop the tears but it was useless and Nakamaru just gave up on even trying to hide it. It just let it all go~

Tokyo Dome 5

And! vine

Even after Kame's message, I was good until I saw Nakamaru's tears and then Ueda forcing back his while trying to console Nakamaru... and then the group hug followed by more group hugs... at the Nagoya concert, my eyes burned with the tears threatening... but at this final concert, my eyes not only burnned, but I also felt my throat tightening ~ the sort of feeling where you don't want to just cry, but you also want to scream to let it all out.

There were 3 encores. It was funny how no one paid attention to the announcer who kept thanking everyone for coming and should be careful on their way home~ but no one was listening. Instead, I think everyone just got louder and instead of the usual calls for "encore encore" that fans usually do, they did the "KAT-TUN *clap clap* again.

- So yeah, PRECIOUS ONE was moved to the encore this time. Ueda played the piano for this once again and totally flawless, he was!  This part was cute too. After Ueda said he was nervous, Kame gave him his water bottle that he was drinking from, and when he was drinking the crowd was crazy and continued on a crazy high when Ueda passed the same bottle to Nakamaru who also drank from the same bottle ~ because in Japan, that's like an indirect kiss ^^

- KEEP THE FAITH was added to the encore (well I can't remember it from the other concerts~ but in any case, it was in the encore)

- REAL FACE AND PEACEFUL DAYS were sung twice.

- Kame thanked HYPHENS from all over the world. He was also using lots of random English like 'hey you'. 'No', 'Thanks for everything ' lol he was really cute. I guess he knows that many international fans were attending the concert.

- May 1st was filmed for the DVD. The camera was there and Nakamaru also confirmed it.

- Everyone also did the Shuiichi pose. Nakamaru said it will be shown on next week's episode.

For the 'We Are KAT-TUN' call, Nakamaru held  Ueda's pinky finger and *when that came on screen, fans were over their heads in joy*. During BRAND NEW STAGE, they were shoulder hugging again on the small stage in the back (so much Ueda/Maru love) and Kame was always touchy with both Nakamaru and Ueda... it's like he would see them hugging and being his usual touchy self he would join them~ but it was cute... there are many pics going around showing the hug but seeing in person is really priceless when listening and seeing fans' reaction to it as well ^^

- During the final encore with PEACEFUL DAYS, Ueda ran down into the crowd, running and touching fans' hands. Soon later, Nakamaru was doing the same thing. I found this very touching. It was really like Ueda was still trying to connect with the fans even at the very last moment. It was funny watching the cameraman running after him lol

At the end end end, the Ueda said he really loves KAT-TUN and HYPHENS. And it was exciting when both Kame and Nakamaru said the same thing just before they disappeared.

Ueda also said to wait, because they'll definitely be back.

Another stray observation; The Stage - I had wondered exactly what their concept was of the concert with the boat and the gun.... it wasn't a new concept (I thought) and found it strange since they're always original... but it wasn' t until this morning over tea and coffee that it occured to me... that the entire stage was the boat/ship (KAT-TUN is on) and then the centre stage connects and leads all the way down passing through the arena and became their backstage near HYPHENS in the stands, it only occured to me today that the stage that at first glance looked like an arrow, was actually an anker~ and it was like saying, KAT-TUN docked their ship as close to HYPHENS as they possibly can... and normally, a ship would dock where the it's safe. It would also mean KAT-TUN docking... ankering their ship to connect and spend time with HYPHENS... and even if you take their 1 year and 2 years hiatus into consideration... it's like them docking their ship in the midst of HYPHENS is saying, "watch us (this ship) till we get back".

As I was telling powwie and crism79~ now that it's happening (this recharge period), and having gone to the concerts, I feel like this recharge could indeed turn out for the best... because somehow, I feel like when they return, they'll come with things so big, so new and exciting that we'll be glad we followed and waited for them.

Yes, the tears will fall now but.... vines!

tears now, BUT;

Tokyo Dome 7

WE ARE KAT-TUN! always and forever...
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