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my JunDa lives on~

greatest journey pv 2
I've been meaning to write a fan report for the Osaka 10Ks concert, but then things got busy and are about to get busier. Anyway, nothing much different from Nagoya happened, except the talk segment but one thing I did notice was how quiet Ueda was at times during MC~ Kame and Nakamaru would be chattering non-stop and Ueda would just be there~ eventually, Kame pulled him into the conversation and they started teasing Nakamaru calling him an old man lol (to be fair, it's true, Nakamaru was being a miserable old man) lol

But yeah, his quietness got me thinking~ ever since Junno announced his departure, I've been thinking about how much Ueda's interaction/behaviour would change (one of my many worries since I liked this chirpiness in him). And this isn't even me being a JunDa fan because after the concert I met some other fans for the first time and while talking, someone brought it up as well - how much she was internally urging Ueda to join the convo. But yeah, I always believed that Junno somehow managed to bring out the playful and open nature that Ueda tends to hide. So now with him gone I can't help but wonder how it will be... of course, Ueda will still talk and interact and blah blah but as they both said in their 10K interview, it seems like they both grew onto each other and Ueda really opened up more when around him... when it comes to MC, Kame and Nakamaru are on a whole different level, they're always in sync and in motion being silly and neverending and they're great at it, but perhaps when it comes to someone with Ueda's personality, it can be hard for him to find the right timing to jump in unless they pull him in... I think.

Oh well~ soon everything will fall in place.
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