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like eating carrots even though you hate it~ or hating carrots even though it's good for you~ or

MS2016.03_25 cr. itz_menos
Rewatching this performance is good and bad for my heart. And it's strange saying this after being a fan for all this time but, apart from the really good 2014.04.16 rearrangement and performance they did on Shounen Club Premium, this MS perf is the first time I've actually appreciated Real Face ~ a bit too lateかな。。。

Anyway, Happy Sunday! I still haven't seen Tatsuya's great run on last evening's All Star~ but that's something to look forward to ノノ`∀´

from: 2016.03. 25 Music Station
gif.(c) itz_menos
Tags: fangirl-ing, kat-tun, we are kat-tun

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