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that existence called KAT-TUN: 10Ks fan report


I blinked. I screamed. And then it ended. KAT-TUN should really have a concert every month!

10Ks concert report ~ Nagoya Dome (April 3rd, 2016 @4:00pm)

In which KAT-TUN are pirates and Nakamaru can't tell his uchiwa apart by year because they all look similar (even though he chose them himself) - and then the moment with Ueda laughing while 'blaming' Junno for them showing up 1 member less, and Kame is a narcissist - nothing new lol

This is pretty incoherent. My apology in advance. Also spoiler Alert!

The more I try to remember what exactly happened, it's the less possible it seems. Just know for sure that; Tatsuya, Kame and Nakamaru proved how resilient this existence called KAT-TUN is. Whatever new form they take, they proved how brilliant they are on stage - the 3 of them filling every gap as they re-did songs that suited their voices and their new form and that they're not afraid to challenge new things for their BRAND NEW STAGE.

Song List

When the curtain dropped and GOLD started, I was beyond myself. The entire Dome erupted, be it because of the nostalgic feeling of GOLD or the fact that 3nin stepped out on stage or perhaps a combination of both. They started off singing songs at random that gave this nostalgic feeling if you've been a fan since the start of their debut... but even if you weren't, they still supplied mixes that provided much for the entire audience. Perhaps, it's at the end of the first half or during the second half that they started doing performances by periods - like 2006-2008 etc. At some point they had pictures of the 3 of them from baby till now. It was very cute.

What I liked about this concert, and what I love about KAT-TUN is that they don't try to hide their past. Even though it was only 3 of them remaining during their 10 year anniversary, they showed video clips from the time when they were six (showing all 6 members), to the time when they were 5 (showing all 5 members) to the time when they were 4 (showing all four members). Their past is a baggage but their past is also what brought them to where they are now and like a true anniversary, they honoured everything that happened.

Okay, this talk will not be done in order (I can't remember what came first) but let's start with the MC.

- As soon as they started, Kame laughed and said they started out as six but now only half of them are left. The whole dome laughed and then Ueda added, that this time "It's Taguchi's fault" ~ everyone laughed again and some folks seemed surprised that he would be so straightforward about it. But it was a good laugh and well done because they set the pace for their usual silly MC, just in case anyone was expecting KT to be moping and all sappy.

- For a moment, it seemed that Kame and Nakamaru teamed up against Ueda, teasing him about his hair. I think it was after they showed a clip of their debut days and Kame commented how back then, they had bleached/blond hair etc, then he looked over at Ueda who of course is blonde ~ it's like saying things haven't changed for some people lol

- They also gave away 3nin signed posters to folks in the crowd. Per usual they fooled around, trying to get the crowd to scream louder when their section was called. At one point, they threatened to go home because the screams weren't loud enough lol. But honestly, I think people were just excited and keenly listening to hear if they would be lucky enough to win XD

- Nakamaru also did his solo bit of beatboxing - no talking just miming so folks had to read the screen to follow. His beatboxing was fantastic as usual... and funny - switching beatboxing rhythm betweem mosquito, buddha and a 'bald monk Nakamaru' (I don't what you would call that - but I think I saw this getup in an old KT skit before). Anyway, it was hilarious.

- After that, Vampire!Kame (from Lost My Way) came out and he brought Nakamaru's white coat. They both seemed excited to play the dentist corner again since the last time was about 6 years ago (Since CHAIN). They fooled around while Nakamaru tried to cut Vampire!Kame's canine but that didn't work out so in the end, Kame bit Nakamaru on his neck lol *fans loved that*

- Earlier, I mentioned how narcissistic Kame is and that's because, after Nakamaru left him on stage, Kame started singing 'LOVE YOURSELF' and at the end he was looking at and fawning over his own uchiwa lol

- After Kame, the entire Dome was filled with the sound of a bike revving~ then like a biker show, appeared Tatsuya on a 3-wheel motocycle. That moment was fantastic. It was short lived but he rode and sang at the the same time (I think it was CHANGE UR WORLD). At some point, he fired a gun and at the end, threw a 'grenade' lol I love his violence!

- Nakamaru was next and he was great dancing with laser lights (I think it was to Star Rider - I think). Anyway, it was pretty. He had the whole stage to himself~ made me wonder just how long it took him to have practiced all that.

- The rehearsal part to make the clock alarm was hilarious. These guys definitely didn't think about it before and was going all ad-lib on stage trying to figure out what to do. First, each member gave it a go. Maru was all technical. His alarm version included the actual sound of an alarming clock with the basic message of 'good morning, wake up wake up' ~lol it was lame and funny at the same time. Ueda went next and his was all in character. First he started off in this deep lovely voice to wake up then he suddenly got scary/angry lol but it still had a good effect, I think. That would definitely wake you up and you wouldn't even be angry about waking up 5am on a Monday for work XD. Kame of course, tried the sexy wake up method - he was all about being erotic, from the very start he was talking about an ero alarm lol. His voice was low and mellow saying it's time to walk up and take a shower. Honestly, if that was my alarm, I would rather sleep in with that alarm on repeat lol

In the end, they went with something standard. Sorry, I missed the translation but by listening, I honestly don't know how that alarm recording will turn out lol

- Nakamaru's corner with him shamelessly selling is goods was back! He had all sorts of ways his USB Charger could be useful. The 2 ways I remember are;

1 - He's on a pirate ship (perhaps captured) and so decided to make a call but ran out of charge ~ that's when the charger came in handy.
2 - Still on the ship and got shot in the chest but the USB charger box protected him (hence, I guess, the gunshot design on the box) lol

- Maybe it was for PRECIOUS ONE that Tatsuya played the piano. Everyone was surprised when the big white piano came on stage. As usual, it was fantastic and I don't know why he doesn't play instruments more.

- Maybe this was earlier in the concert, but during WILL BE ALL RIGHT, I found it fitting that Kame told the audience to sing along~ because while I listened, it sounded like that was also his way to reassure fans that 'KAT-TUN will be all right, and that HYPHENS will be all right as well.

- As expected, after KIMI NO YUME BOKU NO YUME, there were like a million feels scattered about. All the playfullness from earlier disappeared and it wasn't a tense atmosphere or even a sad one... it was more like, there's another hurdle to get over - like there's hope and they want to believe in it. I also noticed how this time they wore long white coats (on Best Artist they had on long red coats), so to me, the white symbolised a new change and a new forwardness, and this led into everyone's final message saying that from now on, once again, KAT-TUN's form will change. It was heartbreaking watching - Kame kept taking deep breaths and even at one point he did a bitter smile as if bitterly laughing at the situation. Nakamaru mentioned that once again they're in the same situation - I'm not sure but it was almost as if he was saying that the first 2 times members left, they promised fans that that would be the last and yet again, history has repeated itself. And Ueda had all the weight of remorse in his eyes. He was the first to talk and he talked so long, it's the first I've seen him not only being the first to talk but perhaps he spoke the longest apologising and thanking fans for still believing in them despite of what has been happening to them.

Yes, I heard sniffles all around me. And I felt my eyes burn because since the start of the concert, I kept wondering why would anyone want to leave this haven... why would anyone want to leave this company called KAT-TUN... why is it that this group keeps losing members when their chemistry is so absolutely perfect?! And then I remembered Nakamaru's 10Ks interview with him basically saying, that even if the bond is there, it may not be enough - that them being brothers or not, each member is in a sphere that they don't allow others to step in - a place that's off limit - something like that.

Anyway, there were 2 encores. The second encore was BRAND NEW STAGE which I found very fitting for being the last song. It had this playful feeling which helped to lighten the air. KAT-TUN came around on the small mobile stages and the main stage background was very colourful.

At the end of it all (almost 3hrs), it would seem that the one thing that will never change, is the feeling a small action and a few words can do~ like magic, it always seems to tighen the bond between KAT-TUN and HYPHENS - and this magic is when everyone join hands and with conviction and in unison, everyone loudly shouts, "WE ARE KAT-TUN". And when it was said and done, some people still held hands high above their heads, while others started clapping profusely~ everyone happily grining, as they watched a heap of gold confetti come falling from the sky.
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