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some days I just want to be bored

Gintama ep247
Today was a strange day for me.

From missing my morning bus (even after running mad like Usain Bolt), to realising a while after that I'd lost one of my earrings that held some deep memories... to KAT-TUN announcing their concert *dances* to then realising my long time fear of "SHIT! These dates clash with my GACKT concert dates - already booked and paid for"... to then literally feeling my mood drop lower and lower and sink each time I see the '3人' and knowing now for sure that it's final... then being happy again that 3人 will carry on, but to then again fall when I see the '3人' and knowing that the KAT-TUN I know and love, even if for the better, it will change ~ then my mood changed again when while walking home some 9 hrs later, I found my earring sparkling at the bus stop *miracles happen* - apparently it had fallen off after I'd very angrily pulled off my scarf in annoyance after running so hard to have still missed the bus LOL

And so here I am.  Not sad. Not happy. Just here. Waiting for things to settle.

But for the record;

♪ FEATHERS★★ is awesome!

I'm really glad I found a song I can keep on loop... the last time this happened was with the Kusabi mini album. I wish they would keep doing songs like this. But that's a pipe dream.
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