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except for me it's...


...lord yamaneko!

Dialogue aside, just watching gives the feeling that something good is happening. The tongue action... the madness... the cuteness... and again the madness of 'Kaito' Yamaneko... no wait, Tantei* Yamaneko lol

Tantei* = Detective

and he surely is an idiot! in a good way of course *___*

But then again, in Yamaneko's words, "work is work and private is private".

Which leads to (and not to give spoilers) but I just love the ending of ep.01... I love how it made a full loop and connected to the personality you would expect based on how the drama started.

Yeah, I think Kaito Yamaneko will keep my Saturday nights happy ^^
Tags: fangirl-ing, member: kamenashi kazuya

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