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Highlights of tonight's Tame Tabi!

Junno's jump! Done with love for the sake of encouraging Nakamaru even though he was scared as well ^^ Junno is a cute bugger!

And the punishment game for failing at guessing the most rights by the end of the episode!

lol Nakamaru killed me! They look like their mug shots were being taken XD Kame was looking too pretty/normal to be laughed at hehe

2015.12.28 tame tabi
He's acting all cool and handsome <3

And this this! Along with Ueda being unable to follow up on Kame's cue for him to... hmm what is it? gag? not sure (link to screencaps)... anyway it's funny how Nakamaru teased him that he can't follow up because he's not beside Junno, but that he has to try his best on his own lol *my poor JunDa heart*

These guys... the way they keep pressing for 'revenge'~ another chance to try and win and needing Junno to be there with them... they make me stupidly hopeful that things can actually change 。・゚(´pωq`)゚・。

from: 2015.12.28 Tame Tabi
vine (c) mutsumin / momotan / bisama
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