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I think i need to learn this song!

As if the song isn't silly as it is, they've added a choreography and backing singers (lol) And it takes a song about octopuses to get them dancing/rocking in sync!

And then the whole retro vibes of the backing singers~ all dressed in polka dot dresses like back in the 50s. Everyone so engrossed in the silliness makes it all the more fun... and silly XD

And Uepi is ever so proud and ready to sing his "I'm KAT-TUN's Super Idol, Ueda" lol But on a different note, octopuses are gross~ can't believe I actually like takoyaki...

I don't know if it's good or bad that instead of ♪this tako song, that ♪Tragedy♪♪ is supposedly KAT-TUN's new song~ and considering what's currrently happening with Junno and all, I can't help but laugh at the title XD

I hope the coming week blesses us with any form of good news!

from: 2015.12.18 Tame Tabi
(c) gifs 燈籠章魚.
Tags: clips, fangirl-ing, icons/gifs, kat-tun, kat-tun forever lol, tv shows

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