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There's a love there~

I haven't watched this SCP episode as yet but~ Junno's birthday bit is~ it's a bitter kind of sweetness. But gosh! I love the teasing sooooo much!!!!

Tatsuya seemed to have gone all out for this celebration.

At this scene, there's even a part with him cleaning the chair Junno would sit in lol like Junno is the King.

Junno looks so cute here and even cuter with the way he was interacting with the kid. And just who's that big stuffed toy Santa? handing him balloons?! la~la~la~laaaa

Tatsuya really seemed to have gone all out. He's so busy trying to make everything perfect. I only see him going this all out when it comes to Junno~ Is he still clingling? or is this really his grand send off?~ As for me, I'm still clinging *bangs head hard*

All this excitement. There's a love there~ a big love for a bandmate

and this pic.

mascot uepi scp 2015.12.16
No matter how long and hard I look at it... I feel sadness. The type of sadness you feel when you know you've done all you could but things still didn't work out... or perhaps it's because things didn't work why you went extra all out to let it be and allow yourself to move on...

Well I'm glad Junno got his surprise birthday celebration. (*´ω`*)♡

FNS needs some chat-about too but I'll leave that for another time! The guys were pretty hot^^

from: 2015.12.16 SCP
pic (c) ponomam
vine vids (c) 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
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