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The Princes and Tako...

Friday's episode of Tame Tabi is happiness!!!

So many things make you want to do a group hug with them... the way they are dressed, the lyrics of their Tako song, watching the four of them singing this silly song combined with the way they are dressed and singing while riding a bicycle to how much they are seriously into this bizarre getup *giggle*~ boys will boys ^^

The song starts at about 5:19mins~

It's so catchy that if KAT-TUN released this as a single, I would buy it ^^" A nice person shared the mp3 here

And can I just say how this artwork perfectly captured their personalities?!

Junno all bubbled in happiness, Tatsuya looking all mischievous and cheeky, Kame in his flirting 'I'm-pretty-and-you-can't-resist-me mode', and Nakamaru is all... well being Nakamaru, not high or low tensioned lol

This is all just great *folds myself in happiness*

from: 2015.12.11 Tame Tabi
vid (c) harurun@youtube
artist (c) nori
Tags: clips, fangirl-ing, kat-tun, kat-tun forever lol, tv shows, we are kat-tun

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