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it came... and then it went. Blue Eyes butai report and~

One Piece Episode 566
My last fews days have been eventful. Thought I find it unfair that after building up so much excitement for them, that they just came, made me happy then disappeared.

First, it started off with my new love... well not really new, I've been following them around for a while now but more and more, I've realised that I really love the music and acoustic of this band.. yes, the name of the band is People In the Box.

people in the box
And their concert was everything brilliant. From the Tour Title空から降ってくる vol.8 〜正真正銘の全国ツアー!これ以上の全国ツアーってある?ねぇー?ねぇぇぇーーー?編〜 (haha) to the instruments themselves. They are what you would call post rock. They are really nothing like KAT-TUN which is why I've always thought that KAT-TUN is really my exception to everything in music. I can love KAT-TUN without caring much for their music (though, it does help to have music to my taste). Strange but yeah. I don't even know much about the members of People in the Box, but for sure, I love their music and the guys are funny and eccentric. The concerts are as simple as... Idek... but so simple with staging and effects, but they electrify their audience with their energy in a soothing way at one point then at another, makes you want to go bungee jumping lol... yes, extremes.

and then;

blue eyes
Blue Eyes: Bunkamura~ Cocoon November 2, 2015 @ 18:30

Well Tatsuya was right when he joked about not needing to act much for his role in his butai  『Blue Eyes』.His costume was ordinary... just like an ordinary Japanese Yakuza (there are pics flying around the web) and his hair is as we see in bangumi etc and Tatsuya by nature is a 'punk' so playing a punk isn't much a challenge, I thought. He delivered his lines well. His soliloquy and monologues were well done but as for acting, there wasn't much a challenge that made you go 'Awwwww'. He did his job, basically. Which is why this report is this short.

I did enjoy his maniac laughing while others are dying in sadness and I couldn't help but smile, thinking 'that's so Uepi' when he was[spoiler]laughing while shooting the lead dead. It reminded me of how he lit the litter with Kame in the Quarter concert ^^

His time on stage was... well, at times I thought he was missing for too long. He showed up pretty early in the play and stayed a good while, but then of the 1hr 35mins of the first part, he showed up maybe 30mins in total... maybe 45, I guess. And then in the second part of 1hr 05mins... maybe 20mins. I felt. Well as expected since he wasn't the lead, but when Sam!Tatsuya was on stage, you really felt his presence so that's a good achievement.

At the end of the butai I cracked up laughing at how... and I'll quote exactly what I wrote in his last butai report "...he came out looking all grumpy and annoyed like, 'okay, I'm tired. Now, go home' (lol)". And at the second curtain call, he came out even grumpier and then he made a face he would make as if annoyed when the Lead said something to him. The whole theatre was laughing (haha).

In any case, I'm glad I went. I don't need to see it again but any chance to see how naturally sexy and handsome Tatsuya is, is worth a shot!

And to finish the excitement... CamuiGakuen

GACKT... well actually, Seito Kaicho (who is GACKT).No joke, this man will be the end of me. I was sulking when I didn't win premium tickets which would've put me within the first 15 rows of the theatre but when I arrived, I was very pleased to realise that my seat was just 3 rows behind the premium seats... not only that, but I was in the centre and just one seat from the aisle and my heart stopped, when GACKT... well Seito Kaicho (Student Council President) walked right by me. The whole place erupted with screams from the women and shouts from the men. It was fantastic! I found it really nice how he could walk passed without fans crawing at him the way KAT-TUN fans would've behaved.

That's another thing I've noticed about these 3 fandoms I follow. For KAT-TUN... fans are always so well dressed to impress... even at concerts... while for People in the Box... people were well comfortable wearing jeans and hoodies and hats and all looked like indie punks. I love this atmosphere. so relaxing and more like me who hates dressing up.... while for GACKT... well he has a wider mix since all ages follow him. But you can definitely see the rock genre in fans.

I feel like November started off great for me. Now, I'm just waiting for KAT-TUN's and Kame's next big announcement. They really have me biting my nails...
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