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the good kind of evil

2015.10.11 shuichi cr.燈籠章魚
Is it good or bad that not only HYPHENS like to see Nakamaru this scared and freaking out?!

Just recently crism79 and I were plotting to one day snatch away Nakamaru and go on a date to a theme park with the scariest rides... But I think Shuiichi eavedropped on our plan and got their way with him first XD LOL he's sooo cute with how he kept shouting "baka baka".

But a happy Nakamaru will be out on the 14th~ Who's happy for the 14th?!

I know I am *rolls around on the floor*

The Quarter DVD shall be the highlight of my week!

from: 2015.10.11 Shuichi Countdown
gif (c) .燈籠章魚
Tags: fangirl-ing, icons/gifs

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