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My flimsy incoherent fan report~ KT 9uarter, 2015 ~


All I'm saying is that;

When Junno had watched the Art Of Life performance, he must have thought Tatsuya to be one sexy and should be almost naked beast ~ for him to have performed the AOL shuffle like that *rolls across the floor*

And apparently, Junno calls his mother, 'My Mother' lol

KAT-TUN 9uarter 2015 - May 9th & May 10th - Tokyo Dome

The concert concept I find to be very relevant and appropriate. It's like each member is equally represented as a 1/4 of a whole, all coming from a different direction a bit broken but somehow found themselves perfectly fit together by a [-] in the middle which completes and smooths the circle (like this), just like the shape and the mechanics of the stage - I'm sure by now you've seen pics of this on the news etc ^^

Setlist; May 9th pic, pic , pic // May 10th ~ the same except the shuffle and the 2nd encore - SUNRISE (I think)

This concert started with some of the songs that initially got me interested into KT. Some oldies but aways goodies like Rescue, One Drop, LIPS and GOLD!!!!

At the start of GOLD,  I'm pretty sure heaven heard my screams, because if you asked me what's my favourite KT song, then GOLD would probably be at the top of my head. But of course they didn't perform it fully. They never do which makes me want to bang my head. But the lead up to GOLD was surperb. It was fantastic with the costume - a mix and match of kimono and fur and some other things that make them look not like your elegant feudal lords but like gansters (take Junno's pic for example) and especially Tatsuya with the way he was walking like he's about to burn the whole place down without apology XD. As a matter a fact, after they changed clothes at the end of LOVING U, he threw the cigarette and Kame's litter 'caught fire' like this or this.

For COME HERE, the arrangement was different and goodly thought out. Though perhaps with the huge space etc, some of the sounds weren't clear but still it was an appreciated act.

MC - May 10th.

Well of course my JunDa heart was flipping and flapping and growing and I don't know how I survived with Junno telling Tatsuya, "Uepi Uepi Uepi, ai ai Aishiteru!!!!! after Junno said something about his hair being wet and cute and Tatsuya was like, 'well, you're always cute'. The camera flashed on Tatsuya after and he was just smiling and Maru and Kame were so taken aback then started to pretend to be vomitting at that lol. Of course Junno was shamelessly grinning. hehe LIKE THIS!!!

At another time during MC, Junno said something but no one heard and when asked to repeat he said it was ok but then Tatsuya started chanting 'Encore Encore Encore' and of course Junno can't resist and I think he said something like, 'are you ready?'

Also, hmm was it even the MC? I can't remember but Junno ended up doing his 'elbow dance' and in seconds Tatsuya was behind him doing it too... like this and THIS <333

Yes yes yes, all I'm writing about the MC is about JunDa, forgive me ><" but here's another JunDa piece. So NaKame are a very good combo. They play off each other very well, and while Maru was teasing how lame Junno's gag was and Junno whined calling 'Uepi' and Tatsuya was all comforting and put his arm around Junno's shoulder and led him off stage to change and said something to the effect of always watching him or being there for him~ something like this drawing. After Tatsuya 'excorted' Junno off stage, he talked about going over to Junno's house during his high school days~ so they were close enough for him to call Junno's mother baba (old woman). hehe

Also the MC was really ridiculous with NaKame being super hyper with they pretended to barf and other random gag acts that Junno asked the audience if we found it interesting. Later on while the nonsense continued, Tatsuya followed up with how interesting things are going - of course sarcasm. To me, it felt like a NaKame and JunDa thing with NaKame being all competitive that when JunDa had their consoling moment, NaKame would act out their (I think) Doraemon gag. The JunDa act like this!

The crowd was super excited for the shuffle again.  It was funny watching them butcher each other's solo haha

As it were;

May 9th;-
Kame -> Samurai Love Attack
Ueda -> Cresendo (basically just ran on stage and gobbled up bread)
Junno -> AOL (well as I said up top. Junno had this one down down down!!!!) pics and pics and the way he grabbed his crotch! pics
Maru -> Emerald

May 10th;-
Kame ->  Yankee Kata Omoi Chuu (haha he had the whole get up with the furry hat and was so excited that he ran down the stage)
Ueda -> 16 Seconds (basically just fooled around on stage with the chair and white cloth then took it up and said he's taking it home). This and This
Junno -> Step by Step (he really enjoyed this song. Well it involves dance so no helping Junno here)
Maru ->  Seishin (haha this was funny). It was funny how he had his fingers moving inside the dragon's mouth making real fun of the costume.

During the KT and Audience Shuffle, we sang REAL FACE and the video playing in the background was funny with Junno and Tatsuya boxing with Maru kneeling at Ueda's feet and then Kame was super close like if he'd moved in an inch further, then he would have kissed Maru <333

Other bits and pieces.
- Tatsuya smoked and I imagine it to be real since there was smoke.
- Junno cried - pics all over the place. I think it was during the encore that Maru embraced him around the shoulder and that was cute like THIS and THIS. The fans were surprised and my friend who was in another section said he gained some fans after that.
- Kame and Tatsuya played the guitar and which makes you want to slap them for doing a ballad like ARIGATOU ><
- While KameDa played the guitar, Maru and Junno sprayed smoke from a hose lol ~
- Nothing we don't already know, but Kame has really nice arms and I think he knows that and is proud of them since he was just showing them off being the only one sleeveless.
- Just before the shuffle (after Maru's mini beatbox corner) he walked over to the other members going all 'hello man' (in English) and the members' responses were hilarious. Kame had the 'annoyed' look while Tatsuya was acting like Maru didn't exist, while Junno was all smiles silently XD

So to sum things up, I'll be the first to say that I always bitch about my seating (be it butai or concerts), when in truth I've never had one that I can deem unforgivable and miserable. For the May 9th concert, I sat in 1st Stand to the side of the stage. This meant that I could see them when they passed on the moving trolleys but the down side being that I couldn't see the full set up of the stage. For the May 10th perf, I was 2nd Stand but central. The upside was that I could see everything!!!! This wide dome filled with lights, the stage set up and just about everyone ~ I could appreciate the beauty of everything and well... I suppose you can guess the down side of being that far XD

On the HYPHEN scene;

I'm someone who is able to do just about anything without feeling the need for company. But then, there are the KT concerts and Goods line. If there are a 100 people in the line then rest assured that 100 pairs of eyes will be staring in wonder at the strange foreigner attending KT concerts~ like wow XD But then while in the goods line I noticed just two steps away from me a man~ perhaps the same age as KT~ with his come Here bag and someone's uchiwa stuck inside. In this loooong line, he was the only guy I saw who was alone and he was just happily bouncing by himself ^^ And again! While at Starbucks, I saw another guy alone all trendy with his tight jeans and shades and hair nicely styled and with his 9uarter's bag with an uchiwa stuck inside. During the concert, I saw another guy who really looked like a thug with his big jeans and hat set backwards and he was waving Maru's ichiwa. And beside me on May 10th were two older women. I'm sure they're older than my mother by some years and my mum will be 50yrs soon. There were many children too~ like mothers brought their children as well as dads. And so I thought that KAT-TUN truly is amazing for being able to get all these varieties of people to support them.

My friend, who is Japanese and also a fan of other JE groups said that KT is the only group who sends shout outs to everybody. Men, women, fathers, mothers and they even encouraged the crowd to sing along with them. And I thought that was a really nice thing. Again KT has set the trend for something good XD.

More on the HYPHENS scene. I enjoy drinking. Bars are one of my favourite places. And so while my friend and I chatted over this extremly seasoned and salted dry pasta and having beers, two ladies started a conversation with us about how salty the snack was it and that they can't finish their own. This conversation then led into 9uarter talk since they saw my pin and my friend's T-shirt. What was funny is that one these ladies, Kame is actually her ichiban but yet, she ended up buying Junno's uchiwa, not Kame's but Junno's and even she was laughing at the strange twist of her heart ^^

Another great feeling is that while I was leaving the concert venue, I saw a long line and asked my friend what's happening, and she said it's for people who want to join the fan club. So I guess for the 10th Anniverary, KT will be getting some new fans XD

*phew* I get the feeling that there was a lot more I wanted to write but I can't remember now as well as this is far longer than I intended to write. But here's the audio recording for May 10th. It's not the best quality since I was always looking over my back and again I stand out soooo~ but it does get better, at least from the MC (maybe) and it will give you an idea of just how raving mad the crowd and the energy were.

I tried converting it to Mp3 since the file is 823MB but~ hmm I decided to post the original in the end.

:: MEGA ::  (2hrs43mins) ~ sorry. I don't have the time to split and add mirrors but anyone is free to do so.

And news tidbits gave a good overview~ youtube

Note for the audio file; The part with Maru beatboxing was funny. Basically, he didn't talk. More like his actions had subtitles and as he beatboxed, he would ask the crowd how it was and they would clap. Some subs were nonsense~ I suppose they represent sounds in Japanese (that I didn't get)... something like, for example in English 'hehe and hahaha' stand for laughing but in Japanese in it's 'fufufu' so it may be something like that XD ~ wait for tv or fanvids to see ^^

What else can I say, it was an amazing concert that even gave us a second encore and the crowd was still shouting for more. And as usual, one of my favourite parts of KT's concert is that moment everyone holds hand and shouts, "WE ARE KAT-TUN!".

And aslfjsffsdsf at the way Junno holds Tatsuya's hand~ pic
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