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me and my birthday~ cinco de mayo!

lol These 4~ such Idiots arrowbut~ hey... kaos-panda15

Since forever my birthday has alway fallen during exams (when I was a student) or on a normal work day (since I started working). So it's quite a treat how for the past year and bit, it has fallen onto a string of holidays and I could really plan treats upon treats and happiness.

On Friday, I took off from work and headed straight to Kyushuu - got there in the middle of the night.

Having booked my stay in Fukuoka (a really beautiful and easy city to get around), I spent the days roaming about and the nights at this British pub along a riverside with this amazing night view. From Fukuoka, I took a quick trip to Kumamoto - a trip I'd delayed for a year now and it was a trip that was worth the wait and the castle is a must see with it's beautiful castle grounds... and of course, the wonderful extra knowing that KAT-TUN went there for the 20141003 episode of Tame ni Naru Tabi. I also did a trip to Nagasaki which is beautiful in it's own way with its many hills and mountains and the trams and history and Mount Inasa has this amazing sunset and night view overlooking the habour.

Then on Tuesday, my birthday, I hopped on a plane and flew into Nagoya for MIYAVI's "We Are The Others" Tour and that was amazing! MIYAVI is always amazing... tall and handsome and amazing with his guitar and vibes! The venue was small and the crowd was wild and lively and I tend to like that sort of atmosphere in which you can you get loose jumping and rocking and screaming and getting sweaty is a part of the happiness and a time well spent. It's a totally different vibes from KT'S concert but with each being of a different genre, so is the charm ^^

And so that's how my bday ended. Everything happened so fast that honestly, I had forgotten it's actually my bday until warm, geeky, fun and awesome messages came in. A lot of exhaustion and yet a lot of this energy kept me up till late last night replying to messages and rewatching KT's bday message over and over with happy sighs and giggles.

Now I'm back to old 'my pace' sort of groove that when I woke up this morning I was like, 'oh, yesterday was my bday' XD

So tomorrow I'll return to work... and Friday I work some more... and then on Saturday and Sunday, I'll be screaming at 9uarters in Tokyo Dome. I've been listening to old albums and singles to keep my tension up till then.

Yeah, as I told a friend, I'm busy busy, broke broke but happy happy!

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