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silly silly silly then cool~

2015.04.15 SCP - @气气2232015.04.15 SCP - @梨苏苏
oh man~ I wish I had gifs for all the silly moments in this month's episode~ I kept laughing like a fool XD

And then Kame attacked with his naked collarbone in ♪In the Dark ~ hehe he's always going the extra sexy ^^ And ♪You Are Delicious was also performed lol, the title of this song always makes me laugh! It was great seeing them perform ♪Star Rider as well, because it's such a cool song and ♪SPLASH ~ so old, I didn't even know what to expect until they started singing *my bad* ><' but yeah, good stuff!

full medley

And of course, because JunDa is forever silly being JunDa <3

From: 2015.04.15 Shounen Club Premium
(c) videos aren't mine~ Thanks ^^
(c) gif: 气气223 & 梨苏苏
Tags: fangirl-ing, icons/gifs, kat-tun, kat-tun forever lol, squealing like a fool

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