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blank stare

I heard KISS KISS KISS played on yesterday's Hang Out. And my first reaction was;

"Is this KAT-TUN?! They sound so... Johnnys". And don't fancy 'Johnnys songs/melody'.

Meaning there was nothing in the song "KAT-TUN-ish" that I could recognise, except their voices. The song sounded like a random Johnnys song to me.

So for someone like me who pays no attention to song lyrics, be it English or not, I like music based on how it sounds, the personal character of a song which presents the special character of the artist. So when I hear a KT song, I can pick up "oh, it's KAT-TUN", the same way I can tell this group is Coldplay based on the arrangement and style of their music.

It's a 'me thing', this is my approach to music.

But of course, me not taking a liking to KISS KISS KISS (and I don't hate the song, it's just not my cup of tea), but this can't possibly mean that in the back of my mind KT is going to the gutters because they've lost a uniqueness I normally look for in a single song. What kind of idiot would I be?

So it bemuses me, how one line could be interpretted as such. And though it's not my style to drag out things, nor is it my responsibility for any misinterpretation of my words, I'll say it here in a different way with more words and be done with it:

Having nothing to do with genre or trying something new (because they've done it so many times in the past and it has worked splendidly at times), KISS KISS KISS doesn't sound like KAT-TUN. But we all know how KAT-TUN is, and for me personally, sometimes they hit and sometimes they miss... and I still have faith in them.

With that said, I look forward to the couplings and duets.
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