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come here ~ yokohama arena


You know how sometimes you wake up knowing you had a good dream but can't remember the dream... you just have this amazing happy feeling? Well, that's how I feel after every KAT-TUN event I've been to! And so with that said, this is more like a flailing post than an actual fan report.

Yokohama Arena: 26 July 2014 @1pm

My seat was in the stands, but because the venue wasn't that huge and I had my binoculars, the position wasn't bad. I couldn't see their faces with much details without looking at the screen but I could tell who's who and using my binoculars, I could scan around at my own pace.

The opening to the concert was exciting and folks were screaming their heads off. People were shouting so much and jumping in the stands that at one point I worried should they fall or something lol Anyway, the opening had each member doing their version of calling us - come here - it was really cool...  a very cool opening.

So the concert started with Come Here and all was well and groovy. Some songs followed after (really can't remember which songs), but there was a break with KT off stage, when suddenly I heard squeals behind me. When I looked around to see, I saw Junno one row behind me, so near that I could stretch across and touch him if he'd walked passed. He got onto the mini moveable 'thingy' they get pushed about on, and OMG, folks were going crazzzzzy. Screams like crazy and I was just there stupefied thinking, 'NO WAY! NO WAY I'M THIS LUCKY' lol BUT not only Junno, Kame was approaching from the other end and by this time, I am sure I had stopped breathing. I couldn't even cheer or shout. I just stood there gaping in AWE waving my penlight while thinking 'OMG, THESE GUYS ARE SO FRIGGING HANDSOME!'

I shit you not when I say, after they passed, it took me a few good songs before I could re-focus on the concert.

And so I impatiently waited for Maru and Tatsuya's turn to pass, thanking God that although I didn't get a centre or arena seat, that I got the seat I got because they were sooooo close!!!!! and so when Maru and Tatsuya came along shooting water guns (can't recall which song), Maru just kept recharging his gun, he must have been pumping lots of water at a time, but it was Tatsuya who got me LOL-ing. This dude is soooo violent! He kept shooting folks directly in the forehead or in the centre of their faces while grinning like a maniac.

And now I'll skip to the solos.

Tatsuya was first! and man, that boy is crazy. His stage props were crazy. Listening to Art of Life you would think it's a nice lil party vibes song but if you know Tatsuya, then you'll understand the outcome to be totally opposite. He was this complete 'S' on stage... just walking around beating people to 'death'... it was like a gang and he's the leader (you know how he likes this set up) lol. They danced quite a lot and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I enjoyed the 'S' bit and I kept laughing while watching, thinking, 'this is soooooo Tatsuya'. He's so strange yet original and very creative. Anyway, while having lunch I heard some Japanese Hyphens talking about how scary Tatsuya was LOL. Then someone asked what the others thought about Junno, but then their food came and I guess they must have been hungry because after that, a table that was all lively chatting went s-i-l-e-n-t- lol everyone was just digging into their food XD

Then (I think Maru was next... or was it Junno?)
Anyway, Maru. Maru's opening was really funny. He started off with a video of himself listening to all his solo songs from Key of Life and it was funny seeing him 'acting' surprise that it's him actually singing and how he was praising himself. The crowd really laughed during this intro. Crescent was a good performance with back dancers.

For Junno's Whenever I Kiss You~ he came out in this v-neck shirt showing his long stretch of gorgeous neck and chest. He also wore a hat and as expected his dance moves were exceptional. I think that perhaps, I like this song more after watching the performance. Junno wore this white pants that showed up every inch of his long legs which did well to show his dance moves.

and Emerald! Kame's stage was probably the simplest. He really didn't do much but the song is catchy with the sound of the piano and the lighting, it was a good performance. I think Kame really did take it cool and slow this time around.

Other bits that I remember:

--- Maru is so freaking good at beatboxing. I think he improves every time I hear him. And while he beatboxed, Junno was dancing and that combi was really great. I think this beatboxing scene led into the 'jazz bar scene' act where we saw them doing this act~ making music with Tatsuya 'playing' some bottles, Kame on 'beating' a drum, Maru still beatboxing and Junno doing his step moves~ in between being served by Tatsuya at the bar~ and I thought that performance was very creative and well done.

Overall, I think it was a great concert. But as expected, I think day concerts aren't as ecchi as night ones (and you know how my mind feeds from such stuff). And as I was briefed about yesterday's night concert, I am more convinced that they are more pervy at nights... just as they said at the Come Here pres con lol ><

"WE ARE..."

Something else that I'll never forget even if I forget everything thing else, is that moment when everyone hold hands~ when HYPHENS join hands and together everyone shouts "...KAT-TUN", hands joined in the air in solidarity.

hmm sorry I can't be any more detailed with a fan report, but more sensible and capable people have been sharing their experiences all over the internet so all hope to know what happened isn't lost ^^

Something else fun happened. While parading about in my 'Come Here' t-shirt, a Japanese kept staring at me. And so when I turned around properly to know why, we both broke out laughing at the same time because she too was wearing her shirt. It's really not very often you see a foreigner at these concerts so I stood out quite a bit. More so we were at a fireworks festival (I went after the concert). We ended up watching the fireworks together (because I couldn't find my friend in the crowd and she couldn't find her friend either) while drinking beers and eating chips on the roadside. Like literally, we sat on the sidewalk watching the fireworks and the different people in their traditional festival clothes while chatting about KAT-TUN. Then after that she took me to an Izakaya for dinner and more drinks (we still hadn't found our friends). I felt like my Japanese was paying off ^^ The next day, I had plans to go to a few places, and she offered to come along with me.

So, this stranger who I had met just randomly, we totally connected just from being HYPHENS (language wasn't even an issue) ~ HYPHENS are AMAZING!
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