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btw, love how JunDa is all worked up here ><

come here pv 1 cr. powwie - eh, i suppose Uepi is aiming.suggesting a different kind of 'come'.
It has long since occurred to me that prevy-minded folks gravitate towards me (and most definitely vice-versa)...

So yeah, when powwie sent me this gif without an attached note (because Lyan will most definitely get the point), and serial_translat wrote elsewhere to me:

"By the way, there're some kinds of innuendo in Come here, right? I was just wondering... is their "bang bang" one of them ? Bang for... you know XDDDD"


Then yeah, I suppose Ueda is most definitely aiming for and suggesting a different kind of 'come'. (●´ω`●)

Happy Friday!!! ( ^ω^ )

gif from: ♪come Here
Tags: fangirl-ing, kat-tun, kat-tun forever lol

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