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tactless and pervy

20140604 In fact pv making - game corner
tactless and pervyby kissmegreen
Junno & Tatsuya
pg14; genre - drabble;
a/n: wanted to drop some naughty JunDa here, but couldn't find a doable gif~ so hence~

Well never-mind that! Thanks to theyre_kattun I just got my fix ❣❣ ∑(๑º口º๑) ミ Maybe we're the tactless and pervy ones ٩( ⌒∀⌒ )و

“Just so you know, there’s no record in my diary of me ever becoming gay”.

“Yeah yeah, me neither”, Junno dismisses as if to say he’d all too well heard that line before.

“Then what’s the point of this?”

“You simply fascinate me”, Junno shallowly replies, “so what’s first – sex or dinner; or sex for dinner? Though, I’ll admit having a greater craving for the last option”.

Tatsuya clicks his teeth, frowns and visibly hesitates as if he’s about to make a deal with a demon, “were you always this tactless and pervy?”

“Well it depends”.

“On what? If I may ask”.

Junno cocks his head to the side in a gesture of deep concentration, “if I say ‘yes’ or if I say ‘no’ – which answer will get you naked faster?”

In the end, dinner is twice served.

And as for dessert, there’s a whole body full of dripping mango gelato beneath Junno.

--- (⌒ー⌒)
gif. ♪In Fact game corner
Tags: fanfiction, fangirl-ing, junda

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