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Tegomass Fan Q&A (translation)

Tegomass Fan Q&A (translation)


28/02/2011, No8-1578


Yuya Tegoshi

Q: “From all of the gothic lolita costumes that Ichiko wears in ‘デカワンコ (Dekawanko)’, which one would you like to try on?” (19-year-old girl, Saitama prefecture)

Tegoshi: Maid cafe costume.

Q: “While filming your drama, do you still find time to play soccer?” (15-year-old girl, Tokyo)

Tegoshi: I do.  On my day off, or when work finishes early, or before work starts late in the day.  Soccer is my ultimate way of relaxing.  Working on dramas has the worst effect on me mentally because you have to play someone who isn’t you.  So when I want to relax, soccer is a must!

Q: Harder than working on “イッテQ! (ItteQ!)”!?

Tegoshi: That’s all ad lib so it’s actually more fun.  There’s no script and anything goes.  I have fun even when the camera’s not rolling.

Q: “What do you admire the most about Masuda-kun?” (19-year-old girl, Saitama prefecture)

Tegoshi: He’s got quite a strong heart.  Like, even if he turns up wearing really weird glasses and Ryo-chan (Nishikido) says something like, ‘no, don’t', he’ll still wear them on TV.  Even if nine out of 10 people tell him, ‘are you sure?’, if he’s happy with it, that’s enough for him.

Q: “When you finish your drama, will you pierce your ear again?” (21-year-old lady, Okinawa prefecture)

Tegoshi: Funny that, I actually got my ear pierced two days before hearing about this drama.  So I was like, ‘yes!’, and ‘what!?’, at the same time (laughs).  After that I had to ask, ‘what role is it?’.  Then when I heard it was a police investigator I just went, ‘but that means I can’t have an earring!’  I’ll get it pierced again after all this finishes!

Q: “If you were to co-ordinate your partner’s (Masuda) outfit, what would it be like?” (17-year-old girl, Okayama prefecture)

Tegoshi: A black and white outfit covered in skulls.  I think it’d be more fun if he wears something I would want to wear.

Q: “If you found yourself in your partner’s (Masuda) body, what would you do?” (19-year-old girl, Hyogo prefecture)

Tegoshi: Swim.  I’m fast at swimming, but Massu is beyond fast.

Q: “What are you favourite lyrics in ‘青いベンチ (Aoi Bench)’?” (16-year-old girl, Kanagawa prefecture)

Tegoshi: ‘この声が枯れるぐらいに 君に好きと言えばよかった / Kono koe ga kareru guraini Kimi ni suki to ieba yokatta / I should’ve told you how much I loved you, Enough times until I lost my voice’.  ‘どこにいても何をしてても / Dokoni itemo nani wo shitetemo / Wherever you were, whatever you were doing’ is just, this person is already like a ‘wife’.  I tend to put my friends first rather than women.  Anything more then I’d be treating her like a wife.

Takahisa Masuda

Q: “What fashion style do you want girls to follow this winter?” (17-year-old girl, Chiba prefecture)

Masuda: Layered outfits.  The other day I saw someone wearing a black outfit with blue leggings and I thought that was so cool.

Q: “What would you be if you landed a role in ‘デカワンコ (Dekawanko)’?” (22-year-old lady, Fukushima prefecture)

Masuda: A dog with a bad sense of smell (laughs).  I could be Ichiko’s rival!

Q: “Does watching Tegoshi dress up as a woman so many times tempt you into doing it too?” (18-year-old girl, Tokyo)

Masuda: No, not at all!

Q: “What 鍋 (nabe, Japanese steamboat) do you like best?” (18-year-old girl, Tokyo)

Masuda: ちゃんこ(Chanko).  The one I had at Ryogoku was absolutely fantastic!

Q: “When you sing in harmony, is there anything you pay particular attention to?” (21-year-old lady, Saitama prefecture)

Masuda: Intensity!

Q: “Last year you did a lot of things like climb mountains and travel overseas, but what do you want to achieve this year?” (20-year-old lady, Shimane prefecture)

Masuda: Reading!  I buy magazines regularly, but I’d never gotten into the habit of reading books or manga before.  Sometimes I’ll buy a book because I think the cover looks cute, but I never read it.  Now I’ve got a mountain of unread books so I think it’s time to start reading them.  A lot of them are non-fiction books.  I hope I can read at least one book every month.

Q: “What do you admire the most about Tegoshi?” (19-year-old girl, Saitama prefecture)  Tegoshi had said he admired your strong heart.

Masuda: You know, one time during a foot massage the person told me I was weak-hearted (laughs).  Tegoshi never gives up.

Q: “If you were to co-ordinate your partner’s (Tegoshi) outfit, what would it be like?” (17-year-old girl, Okayama prefecture)

Masuda: I’d get him to wear a yellow, skin-tight body suit.  Then I’d write the words, ‘banana’, on his back (laughs).

Q: “If the two of you were to have your own TV show, what would you do?” (25-year-old lady, Tokyo)

Masuda: Be in a show where we play sports, and then we go on stage and sing while we’re still in our training gear (laughs).

Q: “What are you favourite lyrics in ‘青いベンチ (Aoi Bench)’?” (16-year-old girl, Kanagawa prefecture)

Masuda: The opening lines, ‘君は来るだろうか 明日のクラス会に / Kimi wa kurudarouka Ashita no kurasu-kai ni / Will you come to tomorrow’s class reunion’.  Because the whole story opens up from this line.  I keep that in my mind every time we sing it.

trans credit; momo-edgewood
Tags: news: tegomass, project getting to know news, translation

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