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a few sentence drabbles

a few sentence drabblesby kissmegreen
Junno & Tatsuya
pg; genre - fluff; drabble;
note: these are really random~ just like JunDa

Junno jumped on Tatsuya’s bed, trashed about a bit and started to sniff with the vigour of a man on heroin. That’s how it is; Tatsuya is like a drug; and Junno, his addict.

When Tatsuya returned home and found Junno sound asleep in his bed, it’s only then he understood the old saying – home sweet home.

When Tatsuya received word that Junno is the lead man of his play Forrest Gump, he dodged his manager, cancelled all his appointments for the evening, and exclusively reserved himself for Junno.

This is Junno’s take on the bible:
In the beginning, God created the world; and then he blessed it with the irresistible fruit - Ueda Tatsuya.

“It’s not what you think”, Tatsuya was fast for an excuse.
“You mean about you chewing on Junno’s lips while he fondles you in your pants?”.
Tatsuya looked at Kame in all seriousness, “that’s right, we both had an itch”.

At 01:33 AM Tatsuya opened his door and asked, “what are you doing here?”.
"Isn’t obvious?" Junno replied like he was being forced to answer a stupid question, “You’re here, aren't you?”.

Junno was in bed when the clarity hit him somewhere around 4AM: #1 he’s never tried garlic sauce on his subway sandwich; and #2, he loves Tatsuya like crazy.

ends. (⌒ー⌒)
Tags: fanfiction, junda

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