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...that sort of happiness.

2014.01.05 shuichi - kt 2013 countdown - aimme for me - uepi bday present to junno
I need some JunDa in my evening !!!
Just look at Junno's gladness flying around with Uepi's birthday present to him✨😁
a happy fact that he was very eager to share with the world (´◡͐`)♡
And just how adorable is Uepi, blushing?! (⌒ー⌒)

I need more and more JunDa in my evenings.♥♥♥

fr: 2014.01.05 Shuichi - kt 2013 countdown coverage
Thx to itz_menos
Tags: fangirl-ing, icons/gifs, junda

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