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Cartoon Kat-Tun 2008.01.16 - Interview between Nakamaru & Nicolas (raw)

The interview with Nicholas Cage is in Japanese RAW but most of it is in English or easily understood... Basically the challenge was for Maru to make Nicholas Cage laugh within a specified time... but Maru, being Maru was just freaking out saying he's nervous and asking the translator if it's really Nicholas Cage (oh apparently he was a big fan of Nicolas Cage)... so basically he went blank saying "what to do?" etc... then he told Nicholas Cage that he himself (Maru) acted in a Movie (sorry I didnt get the name), and thank goodness, Nicholas Cage finally laughed because he found the name of the movie to be funny... anyway the point is Maru survived yet another "on the spot" ordeal... showing us how cute and hilarious he can be when nervous... we all love Maru-chan :)
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