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ONE PIECE will hold a national dome tour!

So it just so happened that today I saw this article/interview in kattunlove where Kame campared KAT-TUN to the Straw Hat Pirates, and how they are in this (making kat-tun work) together.... and how, the ONE PIECE Manga kept him through his hard times - with Jin leaving etc and how him seeing how Luffy looking out for this nakamas (friends), gave him the strength and the motivation to hold on to kat-tun and make things work regardless of the changes happening within the group....  I smiled as  read it because if KAT-TUN really perceive themselves as the Straw Hat Pirates - and me knowing how tight knit those 9 baka pirates are.... then with this interview I'm reassured that KAT-TUN is here to stay and will only improve to bigger and better things.... 

It's funny, only 2 days ago I found this ONE PIECE article and thought wow, this is so cool, I wish I was in Japan to be a part of this Theme Park Tour.....because you see, ONE PIECE is my favourite anime.... yes I love Naruto and Bleach, but when it comes to the intricacy and the plot and the dialogues and characterisation, and not the mention the action, ONE PIECE is the absolute best.... I'm always either biting my nails from anticipation or dying with laughter at their baka-ness... the Straw Hat Pirates are absolutely the best in every sense of the word... I think compared to Naruto and Sasuke and Ichigo and his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates are true Nakamas.... they will never betray each and will die for the other....

Oh I feel so happy, knowing we have something in common *)*

Take a look at the ONE PIECE characters re-imagined as a band below:

Straw Hat Pirates from left to right: Luffy (captain, rubber man--- really dumb but serious when the times comes--- honestly Luffy is a lot of things), Zoro (I call him Luffy's right hand man, a sword's man, he uses 3 swords and makes you go, WOW, kakoii---- oh God, he's my ideal guy), Sanji (the Cook, very good at kicking - his legs does wonders), Nami (Navigator, she really loves money),  Chopper (the Doctor, he's so cute and cuddly... I want him), Robin (Archeologist/Historian, very smart... appears well composed but is really fragile), Frankie (Shipwright... he's a cyborg who recharges using coke hehehehe), Brook ( the perverted skeleton Musician--- always asking to see young ladies panties *)*...... he's immortal and uses the sword and this weird music to take down enemies... and Usopp - I don't know why he wasn't included in the original post announcing this tour, but Usopp is the Snipper for the ship... the cowardly sniper, who adds some comic relief at times to the series....


That being said, here's the original post about ONE PIECE's tour>>>>

Oda Eiichiro’s popular pirate manga, ONE PIECE, will have a national dome tour starting in the spring!

The tour will be in the form of a theme park held at dome stadiums all over Japan. Places in the ONE PIECE world (East Blue, Little Garden, Water 7, etc.) will each have a separate section adorned with life-size models of the characters, and miniature recreations of famous scenes from the manga. Buildings and costumes of ONE PIECE will also be on display.

In addition, live performances will take place on stage a few times a day. The acts will include costumed ONE PIECE characters, a mini-concert by “THE ROOTLESS“, who sing the current opening theme for the anime, and talks featuring the voice actors of the show.

The event planners say they, “Want the exhibit to be as close to the manga as possible. We want the audiences to experience ONE PIECE in the flesh”.

With 200 million copies printed, ONE PIECE is the best selling manga in history. They will create history again with this tour, as this is the first time a dome tour has been held for events centered on a single manga.

The tour will start by visiting the Osaka Dome on March 25-27th and Tokyo Dome on April 27th-May 1st. Before the year is over, it will make its way through the rest of the country.

Source & Photo: Sanspo
tip: bazinga.tokyohive



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