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Happy 28th Birthday, Junnosuke ♥

Dodesuka, 2013.1.19Dodesuka, 2013.02.07 - 2
Dodesuka, 2013.02.07Zip!, 2013.01.08
What's wonderful about Junno?

I believe he's the person who in, what you see is what you get *nods nods*.  He's someone true to himself. Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ

Always high spirited, humble, he's smart in a way in which I always want to know his thoughts on matters (his Hanashi serial is everything thoughtful and creative), no denying how gorgeous he is (points to gifs about), brave (points to gifs above), persistent (points to gifs about), he has this hidden talent that I can't wait for him to fully unleash (backtrack to FLASH and No Words No Time, and currently Legal High... not to mention he did the draft for KAT-TUN's upcoming concert). Junno is a genuine mood maker, and I'm forever happy he exists in this world, and that he's this brilliant part of KAT-TUN heart 3

And cherry on top: 2013.11.29 Music Station ~ KAT-TUN - Real Face and Kusabi ❤️

Happy 28th Birthday Taguchi Junnosuke 11/29

Gif. 2013.01.19 Doudesuka / 2013.02.07 Doudesuka / 2013.02.07 Catch / 2013.01.08 Zip
Gifs (cr) art_of_clarity
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