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Tidbits about Ueda's promos for his upcoming butai - Toumin Suru Kuma ni Soine Shite Goran

ueda's stageplay
Ueda Tatsuya has been on a role promoting his upcoming stage play, Toumin Suru Kuma ni Soine Shite Goran (Try to sleep near a hibernant bear)... Here's a list of his recent media appearances:

2013.11.01 news Every
2013.11.02 Mezamashi Doyoubi
2013.11.02 Zoom Sata

And here's a bit of media translation about the stage play and Tatsuya's responses to questions:
Thanks to twitterbirdicon (1)jackraiden00

Ueda's comment on the stage play:
"This is the first time working with Ninagawa. it's an honour so I'm somewhat nervous whether I'm okay (for this). But I'm surrounded with a wonderful cast, so from them I want to borrow their energy and act my best." (said with much enthusiasm)


Ueda asked for advice from Okada-san

"I asked Okada-san when I had the chance to give me some advice, he said "if you change the original script or lines (improvise) Ninagawa will get mad!" so I'll try not to do that!"


Ueda about Ninagawa's training:
"I've become used to rough (violence) in this, because Johnny's choreographer is also very strict."


Further reading:  Oricon News

This is the first time Tatsuya is back in the theatre since his lead role in the 2009 'Romeo and Juliet'.  Toumin Suru Kuma ni Soine Shite Goran will start from 2014.09 - Feb 01 (in Tokyo) then from Feb 07 - Feb 12 (in Osaka).

It's great how Tatsuya was practically handpicked for this role by the Director, Ninagawa Yukio, who fell in love with Tatsuya's character from watching him on TV... and I'm loving all this excitement!
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