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secrets, secrets and more exciting secrets ^^

Finally I can flail about 'Kusabi'!

The song is simply awesome! vocal, rhythm and the lyrics put mystery into what the PV could possibly be. The song is still very much KAT-TUN. So I think we can all be rest assured of what these guys are capable of.

Kusabi (KAT-TUN Gatsuun 2013.10.28) rip

#1 serial_translat soundcloud (thanks for thinking about me and sending the link) ^^
#2 machibi223@ youtube

arisu_aru on mega (always a darling) ^^

Also, today (October 29, 2013) KAT-TUN recorded their appearance on Monster Live. The episode will be aired on November 17, 2013. Some fanclub members were able to attend and tweeted reports. As expected, they are all encouraging and tearful.

Translation done by marynasuke via KAT-TUN is Love

- Junno said on Live Monster "Please don't leave, because we won't let go"

- it seems Nakamaru is the one who reply back to fans a lot~ they said it must be because it's for his drama

- they are calling Kameno=tomodachi-bu combi and Maruda=30s combi

- Junno's smile never falter~

- So far fans said Maru and Ueda is skinnier~

- Junno has gotten bulkier

- Kame looks skinnier than the last ntv perf

- Junno said "Follow me"

- after the perf was over apparently for 30 min staff keep having pushing fans back coz fans want to talk to KT, it was quite chaos

- they hope of expressing their support to members then in the middle of pushing they heard someone called "don't push them" and we saw the four figures standing in front of everybody and this is when all the words were being said"

- The fans cried

- fans said the way Kusabi being sing live is totally different from u expect in recording...

- Also there's an awesome Kame and Junno high note singing combi!(THAT !!! OMG)

- Yuichi said to Hyphens “ Don’t cry “

- Ueda said “ I’ll be KAT-TUN forever.”

- Junno said "Please don't leave, because we won't let go"

- Kame is the most calm among them

- Someone shouted to KAT-TUN before they leave stage "Has the preparation for concert begun?" Nakamaru heard and shouted back "We're doing it!""


There's lots of good excitement in the air ^^ 
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