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10 October 2013 @ 07:30 pm
One of these days...  
I still feel like I'm falling somewhere up there between clouds.

I know it's happening... It has happened. Honestly, I was prepared for the worse, because I'm that kind of person... but then reality falls heavy and all I wish for is to get lost in wonderland. I know time slowly heals, and gradually I'll come to accept this reality... but for now I think of a 4nin KAT-TUN and I find myself laughing because it's ridiculous... it's the perfect example of a bad joke. But these are the things that make us HYPHENS... We gladly love a group and follow a fandom that's filled with trials because we are strong... KAT-TUN is strong... we are all warriors in our own way... all colourful and unique in our own way of battling just like these lovely men... and in time... we'll surely overcome.
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Current Music: one of these days by michelle branch
serial_translatserial_translat on October 10th, 2013 11:03 am (UTC)
Well, you're right, you're perfectly right.

As an exemple, News lives the same thing and managed to reborn again. It will be hard for KAT-TUN again anyway...

I was still feeling depressed that morning but two things really make me happy !!

That : http://aramatheydidnt.livejournal.com/5070694.html

And MAINLY that T___T : https://www.facebook.com/NEWS4FANS/posts/733174346699352
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on October 10th, 2013 12:30 pm (UTC)
Awwww soooo sweet *____*
I'm loving how many people just rally around for KAT-TUN and cheering for HYPHENS. I am still happy to be around in this place <3
powwiepowwie on October 10th, 2013 11:20 am (UTC)
Yes, we are strong! Together we will overcome this trial too. I love the five bakas too much to turn my back on them now. I'm willing to follow them, the ride won't be smooth, but I'll go along.
Let the journey begin!
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on October 10th, 2013 12:32 pm (UTC)
Let the journey begin!

I know right! one step at at time XD

I love your icon!!!!
kurikuribebikurikuribebi on October 10th, 2013 11:53 am (UTC)
I wonder what we will become. Not hyphens, now that KAT-TUN is merely KATUN. We have to adapt to our fandom.
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on October 10th, 2013 12:35 pm (UTC)
I know ><
Koki had his special flare to KAT-TUN... his rap... his attitude... we have loads of adapting to do... and I just imagine how nervous the other four members will be when they talk to us for the first time as a 4nin...

Fandom will just break down again, then...
kurikuribebikurikuribebi on October 10th, 2013 01:09 pm (UTC)
I want to support them so bad. But I see a full disbanding in the future =(
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on October 10th, 2013 02:53 pm (UTC)
I can understand your feeling... it's hard to just up and trust their word wholeheartedly again this soon.

but praying for good, always ^^

kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on October 10th, 2013 02:38 pm (UTC)
I love seeing all this love <3
Because I'll embrace you with these feelingszayness on October 10th, 2013 01:01 pm (UTC)
I agree with you!

We hyphens can do it!

We'll follow and support even 4nin KAT-TUN! And show them our love and support!

After all, we are KAT-TUN! xxx
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on October 10th, 2013 02:51 pm (UTC)
4nin KAT-TUN!

so weird ><

But yes! those four will need our support now more than ever >
Because I'll embrace you with these feelingszayness on October 10th, 2013 05:42 pm (UTC)
I know, it doesn't feel real, it's Koki, I mean...it's Koki- what else can I say!

When I think of KAT-TUN you think of Kame, Junno, Koki, Tat-chan and Maru (I learnt of them last year when they were 5nin ^_^)

I know everyone is supporting Koki with the Stand for Tanaka Koki - such I will take part into and I agree, but I can't help think that we should be openly support KAT-TUN too and doing something for them too to show our love and support to all 5 of them! =) xx
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on October 11th, 2013 12:37 pm (UTC)
yeah, you and I both...

I first knew KT as a 5nin so it's just weird going 4nin now.

But most definitely... this too shall pass with time.
harukana_linzi: kat-tunharukana_linzi on October 10th, 2013 02:32 pm (UTC)
There are so many things I'm feeling about this, I just don't even know how to process it. I know we saw this coming but that doesn't make it any easier at all. I love KAT-TUN and I will continue to support them no matter what, but there's no denying that the group just won't be the same without Koki, not just his rapping but his character and his devotion to us. Even though KAT-TUN isn't over, I can't help feeling despair right now.
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on October 10th, 2013 02:58 pm (UTC)
won't be the same without Koki, not just his rapping but his character

yes! his presence will be missed... even in group photos it will look weird. the jnet page looks so incomplete without him there. When I saw it... I had to cry a bit... it's just all too heartbreaking.

glad to know KT is still on your love list <3
harukana_linzi: kat-tunharukana_linzi on October 12th, 2013 01:47 am (UTC)
It was seeing that page...the complete deletion of everything Koki that really stung me at the time, along with KAT-TUNs messages of course. It just won't be the same.

KAT-TUN will always be on my love list, they're the reason I am who I am today...if not for KAT-TUN I probably wouldn't have ventured into J-POP. It's true that over the last few months I haven't been quite as interested in their everyday happenings as I was before, but this did really hit me hard. If I'm honest, it hit me harder than I expected it would. I couldn't help crying when I found out, even if I was in the crowded canteen at work >_<
serial_translatserial_translat on October 10th, 2013 04:44 pm (UTC)
For me, I won't ever leave them !!!

But for their future concert tour... they will certainly be heartbroken... I mean, just like NEWS with their utsuki concert ? Honestly, even though you're not as much into them as KAT TUN, you should give it a try anyway !!! It was a heartfelt concert from the beginning to the end !!!! I was moving so much all of the time, and for the people who are moved easily... you will need a bucket because you won't have any tears after...

I talked about NEWS an example to show how looks like a come back concert when a group has lost 2 others members, 2 other before, and one at their debut.

News managed to reborn, Kat tunn too !

kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on October 11th, 2013 12:36 pm (UTC)
yeah... KT will certainly bounce back.
It's just a tragedy that they had to go through this again. Just sad all over.
nightwish_3000nightwish_3000 on October 10th, 2013 06:33 pm (UTC)
I think I'm still not believing it .. like I need someone to please wake me up from this horrible nightmare


*sigh* this is too much for my brain
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on October 11th, 2013 12:39 pm (UTC)
yeah... sometimes I fall into that daze... then I have to pull myself out that this is really happening... it had already happened... and it's a painful deal... but what to do... sighs
上田口の愛。。。kat-tun愛: tanaka <3snow_guardian on October 10th, 2013 09:21 pm (UTC)
lyan-chan! *huggle* we'll get through this.
Hyphen was a name given to us by Koki to hold the KAT-TUN fandom together. KAT-TUN is always there to cheer us up, by just listening to their music, looking through their magazine shoot, they are able to make us happy, so right now KAT-TUN need their hyphens' support the most, so we'll stay strong and keep supporting them together!
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on October 11th, 2013 12:41 pm (UTC)
yeah... it's so weird and heartbreaking... the man who claimed us... named us... sorta 'left' us.

what a horrible pain this is.

*hugs* Snow-chan
saharasnow82saharasnow82 on October 11th, 2013 12:12 am (UTC)
The world has a funny way of surprising us doesn't it?

I'm still in shock over this. Although the fact that this was done doesn't surprise me, dealing with this as reality is hard.

We still have Kame, Junno, Tatchan and Yucchi. They have been through way too much crap to give up now. We have to give them our support now more then ever.

Speaking of support. It's amazing to see the support amongst Hyphens and from non-Hyphens alike. The fandom can be a good place from time to time.
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on October 11th, 2013 12:46 pm (UTC)
yeah... Koki is gone but we still have KAT-TUN... regardless.

Koki really messed up. He messed up so bad and the more I think about it, it's the more I'm getting so angry with him.

And then watching Sukkiri... Kame wondering if he (kame) could have done something to change this turn out... it's heartbreaking and unfair.

I know right now, fandom (me included)is feeling all sorry for Koki... but as the initial shock wears off, the real victims here Kame, Junno, Tatchan and Maru.
saharasnow82saharasnow82 on October 14th, 2013 02:49 am (UTC)
The minute I saw the message on my phone that Koki's contract was terminated I knew exactly why and my blood pressure went up.

That is what makes me so mad at Koki, the aftermath of all this. The problem with being in a group is your actions not only affect you but the other members of your group. He is sitting where ever he is holed up while the Kame, Junno, Tatchan and Maru have to weather the fallout.

Are things difficult for him right now? Yeah, but he has the opportunity to come out of this at the end. He lays low for a while and he is talented enough that another agency could pick him up. God only knows what JE is going to do with KAT-TUN and how the fans will react to that.

JE please no Arashi-redux.
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on October 14th, 2013 02:46 pm (UTC)
JE please no Arashi-redux.

this is truly my biggest scare right now. I just can't deal with that type of music *sighs*
JUBELjubelcinta on October 11th, 2013 12:55 am (UTC)
kissmegreen (Lyan)kissmegreen on October 11th, 2013 12:47 pm (UTC)