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One of these days...

I still feel like I'm falling somewhere up there between clouds.

I know it's happening... It has happened. Honestly, I was prepared for the worse, because I'm that kind of person... but then reality falls heavy and all I wish for is to get lost in wonderland. I know time slowly heals, and gradually I'll come to accept this reality... but for now I think of a 4nin KAT-TUN and I find myself laughing because it's ridiculous... it's the perfect example of a bad joke. But these are the things that make us HYPHENS... We gladly love a group and follow a fandom that's filled with trials because we are strong... KAT-TUN is strong... we are all warriors in our own way... all colourful and unique in our own way of battling just like these lovely men... and in time... we'll surely overcome.
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