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Fandom and it's stupid Feels

that enough

As it were, KAT-TUN won’t be doing the opening song for Kame’s new drama, ‘Tokyo Bandwagon’. Instead, a temp. duo unit consisting of Kame and his co-star, Koji, called ‘Hotta-ke Band’ will do it… anyway, the news is all over the place like Tokyohive, if you need more info.

And yeah... maybe I’m slowly starting to understand why people ‘leave’ fandom.

It’s the pressure… the pressure of not knowing what the heck is going on… so they save themselves the misery and angst and just leave for the greener grass on the other side (if they can find any).

And yeah I’m into Kame and all (duh) and I’m excited for the drama but I just can’t be happy about this new single, ‘Sayounara, Arigatou’ to be released in November under jstorm. I mean, what the heck is this duo unit about? Does JE think that with each member actively doing their solo assignments that everyone would be happy and to hell with KAT-TUN as a group?

Seriously, JE… stop it, already! That’s enough!

It’s unsettling. This news leaves a bitter taste in my mouth… BUT hey, don’t get me wrong! There’s no doubt about it… I’m not one of those people who can’t stand the pressure. As long as there’s KAT-TUN as a group, I will always be a HYPHEN. Maybe I’m a masochist, but I rather think about it as happier days are coming, and that they will be GREAT!

And on a different/happier note, I knew it all along... but after this week's episode, I've confirmed my HUGE crush on Roronoa Zoro #One Piece

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