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Sparkles and Feels.... Arghs and Sparkles and Gintima~

Gintama ep247
So I watched Gintama last night without knowing it was the last episode... well they did mention it last week (I think), but then they would always joke about this sort of thing... announcing the end of the anime, celebrating Christmas in Summer, New Years in Spring, showing trailers about a movie in the making... basically, they lie a lot (much to my relief at times) but then, now it's like the 'boy who cried wolf' scenario in which, the moment I shrugged and giggled, they were actually telling the truth... *rolls around on the floor in misery*

I don't know what to do!!!! I love this crazy anime OH-SO-MUCH!!!!! The silliness and the AMAZING action scenes, and the originality of characters and just the tight bond they share... so my evening is all bitter-sweet... as in on a Gintama alone level, it's the bitter bit because ARGH (and Gin is obviously upset), what shall I do now when I need some Yorozuya action?! No more Sakata family, no more Toshi and no more Gin x Toshi and no more Katsura and Elizabeth and we still don't know what or who Elizabeth is!!!!

But then the sweet part of the evening (somewhat similar to Gin's sparkle) is that it's a good thing I had The Vampire Diaries to watch immediately after finding out this horrible 'Gintama has ended news' and OMG!!!! so much FEELS with Klaus x Caroline heart 1. It seems like I really do only watch this series for these 'twisted and fluffy' Klaroline moments (@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

Gin: Gintama ep247
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