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Maru Friday-ed ~ because KAT-TUN will always being a HOT Topic ^^

I somehow managed to get off work early today, so I've been catching up on fandom stuff... and I'm so far behind~ but as expected, the more I watch and read it's the more I realise just how much I've missed these guys, and how much I really appreciate the little happiness they bring over and over again... and this ----> photo up top ~ is so sexy and cool and totally KAT-TUN ~ Bastards, so full of themselves

Btw, things have been a bit slow fandom-wise of recent, so I'm very much enjoying Maru being Friday-ed... I somehow find it kool and exciting ~

*sing-songs* ♪Maru has a girlfriend♪ lol ^-^ ~ tabloids are always entertaining, Maru and Nana were probably both doing something for Shuiichi having dinner, a dinner between 2 friends :-)
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