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I'm having a horrible day where everything is making me pissed.

Maybe it's the rainy weather...

Or maybe it's the chilly breeze that comes with it...
Or it could be that I spent (and no exaggeration here) all of yesterday (New Year's Day) at the airport...
But maybe it started with the Airline losing my luggage and at 2:30am I was still at the airport of my destination filing a report...
I ended up getting only 2.5hrs of sleep before having to get up for work...
And did I mention that it's still raining?
But I think what triggered my low mood mostly - like the last nerve - is learning that for 2013, once KAT-TUN fans are HYPHENS no more... It depresses me. I mean, I do expect them to leave, because I think most of KT fans are fickle, but it still saddens me... And it saddens me even more when I recall KAT-TUN's talks about their fear of their fans leaving them. I feel like I want to run to meet them and reassure them that I'm here... Even if their singles, albums, concerts, bangumi, clothes, hairstyle sucks at times... I'll be here because more than anything, since the very beginning, it was never the music... I'm a HYPHEN because of their very KAT-TUN personalities.

Congrats KAT-TUN, upon your CHAIN Tour being voted the #1 concert for 2012 in the Only Star ~ it's all about the personality.

Happy New Year~
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