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Kame is Shamelessly Vain ♡

20060319 Shounen Club (Spring Special) - KAT-TUN [BNS]Kattun Catchphase of 2006 - 1

It's from the Shounen Club (Spring Special).... in which they (KAT-TUN) wrote down catchphrases on how they would like to see themselves change in the future... Kame's goals (as the screencap above shows) were to become: "More Refreshing, Finer and PRETTIER".

Well lol at Kame's vainness at admitting how pretty he was even then... but it's very much safe to say he has long ago surpassed his "Prettier" mission... he's quite all-rounded indeed *-*

Happy Monday! (●^o^●)

screencap: 20060319 Shounen Club (Spring Special) - KAT-TUN Catchphase

Tags: fangirl-ing, randoms

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