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Smile for the Camera ~ Happy 27th Birthday Taguchi Junnosuke !

junno fns making lh - Episode 8
Happy 27th Birthday Junno
Things I find sexy about Junno

  1. He's a member of KAT-TUNheart 3

  2. He's cool-natured

  3. Simple & Ordinary yet deep

  4. He's Silly but Adorable

  5. Intimidating when serious

  6. He stands firm (his failed but yet somehow funny gags says a lot lol)

  7. His Positivity~ there's just no end to this sunniness! sunshine

  8. Creative & hardworking

  9. He cooks

  10. His tongue *check gif above*

  11. Great Entertainer

  12. He's sexy when eating... adorable too

  13. He's left handed *-*

  14. His hair is mostly smexy

  15. He loves anime

  16. Sexy long legs

  17. Nice and cute ass

  18. Super gorgeous in tight jeans 183

  19. Amazing radio voice *Tag Tune Driving / KAT-TUN Style*

  20. His smile and;

  21. *Drum roll* He and Uepi are secretly lovers~ USO USO KAWAUSO (●^o^●) ♥

Gif. 1 Fumetsu no Scrum pv making / Gif. 2. Legal High, ep. 08
Gifs (cr) art_of_clarity
Tags: fangirl-ing, icons/gifs, member: junnosuke taguchi

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