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Racing to Meet the Sun~

Title: Racing to Meet the Sun.
Author: kissmegreen
Category:  One Shot
Pairing: Tanaka Koki x Kamenashi Kazuya (KoKame)
Rating: PG13
Genre: Romance
Disclaimer: I only own the story...
Summary: It’s five in the morning when Kame suddenly shows up at Koki's bedside. Apparently, he needs to show Koki 'something', and just like that, Koki hops into Kame's jeep... no questions asked.
Word Count: 1,828

note: written for the birthday girl arisu_aru surprise surprise~ Also, I know you're a hardcore girl, and I'm pervy too but I happen to be a very sappy writer~ so forgive the sap in this one, okay *muah*  I hope you have a good read my dear~


Kame has always been the classy romantic. Instead of beers, he talks about drinking wine. Instead of wild exotic parties, he would rather a date home around the stove or by the fire side. And instead of flashy nightclubs, he’s contented with the calm Koki by his side.  It’s a simple but classic romance they share.

Except Kame has always been a busy man. Koki is busy too but with the promotion of his new movie, Kame hardly finds himself at home.

Koki worries, he just can’t help becoming fidgety and anxious whenever Kame texts him about not being able to make it home for the night because filming is running late and he’ll be too tired to drive back. But when Koki offers to go get him with the excuse that a good rest is only good when within the comfort of his own bed, Kame would insist that he’s okay because he’s a youkai.

And as silly as it sounds, Koki would laugh but completely buy into this youkai crap.

It’s during the wee hours of one winter morning when the bed creaks and a tiny voice seeps into his consciousness, “Koki, get up”, Kame whispers, hovering over him, gently nudging him on the shoulders, “wake up… there’s something I want to show you”.

Koki groans a bit disoriented, “Kame”, he calls a bit unsure, “How did you get here? Why are you here? Where are we going?”.

Kame chuckles a bit, “firstly, I got here by car”, Koki shuffles out of bed half stumbling out of his PJs and into long cotton pants being handed to him, “secondly, I’m here because as I said, I need to show you something”, Koki gives him a curious look fighting to get his shirt over his head as Kame walks over to the closet, “and thirdly as to where we’re going…”, he tosses Koki’s coat to him, “you’ll need that… now hurry before we miss it”.

It’s five in the morning and it’s cold and dark outside.They both hop into Kame’s jeep obviously going somewhere. Koki is very curious about what they might be ‘missing’. But then it finally dawns upon him that Kame should be in Kyoto, yet he’s there with him in Tokyo and driving to god-knows-where and as much as Koki should be surprised, he isn’t because it’s Kame after all, and so instead of thinking about Kame’s presence being strange, it’s more like Kame is spontaneous and there’s a difference. After all, Kame is romantic and being spontaneous is romantic and just like that, no questions asked. He relaxes and indulges.

Somewhere along the way Koki must have dozed off again, for the next time he opens his eyes it's to a light wind cooling his face and the smell of salt thick in the air and is mellowing with the sound of water splashing against rocks. His eyes slowly open to meet Kame’s staring back at him.

“We’re here”.

At the beach Koki notes.

“Let’s go… we’re right on time”, Kame states, jumping out from the jeep.

Koki follows. “In time for what?” he asks, catching up, his hand tugging at the hem of Kame’s shirt.

Kame grins at him and it’s like a secret, “you’ll see”.

Kame loves the beach. To him it’s calming and beautiful but moreso, it’s quiet with its atmosphere light and fresh and for those few minutes before the sun rises to warm the sand beneath his feet, there’s this comforting feeling like in this world, he alone exists.

But today is different. There are two men existing. They are both standing there, eyes shooting out at the horizon. It’s still dark but daylight is slowly breaking across the sky.

A hurl of chilly morning breeze rushes pass and Koki shivers for just a second, because before the cold winter air fully grazes over his skin, Kame is already embracing him from behind, drawing him nearer, pressing his warm lips against the side of his neck, his fingers holding over Koki’s, their bodies swaying side to side.

Koki holds his breath, wanting to capture the moment, wishing to cap it in a bottle and save it in a treasure chest. He rocks back with his head resting against Kame’s inhaling sea salt and the freshness of the air.

A tiny speck of orange finally makes a tiny glow in the sky. It’s the first light of the sun rising and is casting a shimmering glow across the ocean.

“You know I love you, right?” Kame murmurs into his ear, in a manner of stating the obvious; his breath is warm against Koki’s skin, his voice soothing and gentle in his ear.

Koki squirms from a shiver crawling over him. He didn’t answer but his hands move to tighten Kame’s embrace around his waist.

The skyline is now a dazzling hue of light warming over their frame and Koki inhales deeply, a smile slowly forming as sunrise finally dawns upon them and Koki wonders how he could have missed this moment all twenty-seven years of his life.

“Kame”, he whispers, his voice gentle against the wind and the soft splashing of waves against the rocks, “Thank you”.

“For what?”

“For existing”.

Kame laughs, drawing him even nearer, his hands reaching to Koki’s shoulder to turn him towards him.

“No. Thank you for waiting”, he calmly replies.

Koki’s forehead frowns in question but Kame uses his thumb to smoothe the wrinkles over, before leaning forward to grace Koki with a kiss against his nose and dropping another somewhere on his cheek.

“Kame…”, Koki’s voice is low key as he returns to staring out at sea. Kame’s hands he wraps around him.


“There’s no stop loving you”.

Kame smiles and weaves his fingers betwixt Koki’s in embracing him tighter, pressing his nose against Koki’s neck from behind.He sighs happily; for the gesture spindles the comforting feeling like in this world, with the sun slowly emerging from the waters, warm and bright and beautiful, it’s them alone who exist.

But time gives and takes.

Time has been gracious enough to have given Koki a whole ninety minutes with Kame by his side first thing this day. Time also conveniently seems to have stopped for them to bask in the moment and paint a memory that will never fade. But Kame’s alarm on his phone goes beeping nonstop and it’s loud and annoying and disturbing and Koki wants to grab the phone from Kame’s hand as he checks whatever schedule he’s being alerted to and flings it in the ocean instead.

But even if he’s bold enough to do just that, he would have to change his mind with Kame already looking at him most apologetically. Koki bites on the inside of his mouth trying to hide his disappointment.

“You’re headed to Yokohama today, right?”

Kame nods.

“So I should get you back home for a quick shower, change of clothes and some breakfast”.

Kame hops back into the jeep, a bitter smile set about his face, “can’t do. I have got just enough time to get you back home, chance a quick shower and head back out”.

Koki slowly nods. One really can’t argue with work. And one really can’t argue with Kame about his work. Koki knows that all too well.

The drive back is quiet. It’s not like they didn’t have anything to talk about, but as Koki sits there watching Kame from the corner of his eyes, he can tell that Kame’s already in work mode, probably mentally rehearsing the day ahead… all the tv interviews, small speeches and the other nitty-gritties. Koki lets him be. He quietly supports.

They soon arrive home and Kame heads straight for the bathroom while Koki turns direction in the kitchen. A few minutes pass with the sound of the blender thundering in the kitchen before it stops giving way to the faint murmur coming from the bedroom. Kame is on the phone going over things with his manager. He soon hangs up rushing out the room, “Koki I’m going”, and before Koki could shift from around the kitchen counter, Kame is already at the door.

“Wait...”, he calls after him.

“Koki, I’m late”, Kame returns, near tumbling over to get his shoes on.

“Two seconds won’t kill you”, Koki scolds a bit, “here…”, handing Kame a mug, “if you can’t eat then at least get something in your stomach”.

Kame takes it and looks inside, “it’s green”.

“It’s vegetable juice”, Koki defends, “It’s Kame-chan’s energy boaster”, he further supplies, a shy grin lining his countenance.

Kame’s looking at Koki with eyes grateful and sincere. He takes a sip, “thank you”, he says and Koki nods satisfied, “but you sure went meagre on the honey” Kame finishes with a chuckle. 

Koki reads the remark as teasing and hurriedly pushes Kame through the door, “out you go”. But then Kame turns around and latches onto him with his arms securely wrapped around his waist, squeezing him tight, “thank you”, Kame whispers again.

“You already said that”, Koki replies but he’s melting, fighting his own urge to kick the door closed and pull Kame back on the inside, “you’ll be late”, he finds himself saying instead, yet he’s pressing himself more against Kame’s weight.

Kame grunts a bit, “well, two seconds won’t kill me”.

They both laugh keeping close contact until Kame’s phone starts ringing again. He checks the caller ID but before he answers, he asks Koki, “What time do you finish today?”

“About eight… eight–thirty”.

“Then wait up for me”, Kame says with a wink, smiling before clicking to answer his phone while walking towards his jeep.

Koki watches him drive off before stepping out onto the patio, just far enough for the sun to touch his face. The scent of sea is still strong in his hair, and Kame’s hug still warm around his waist.

Koki smiles into the distance facing the sky.The sun has gotten just a bit higher quarter-way reaching its apex. It’s warmer too, spreading its rays in light and shadow streaks in-between tree limbs and branches, roof tops and eaves. Koki is also a bit awed at the calmness that surrounds him, it’s something else he has never before given much time to observe. It’s also something else that Kame has shown him and it’s like an affirmation of clarity, remembering how they’d waited on the sun much earlier in the morning.

He fiddles with his phone and types a text.

Message sent –

To: Kame
From: Koki

Of course, I’ll always wait for you.

After all, while he’d slept warm and comfortably in bed, Kame was driving for some six and half hours without stopping, and he must have been exhausted with an obviously sleepless night too, but even so, before the sun had brightened the skyline, he was determined to make his way home to Koki’s side.


Racing to meet the sun


notes: So~ there you have it! I'm hoping I did KoKame some well deserved justice XD~ and I actually had fun writing this... anything for Aru-chan XD .... Happy Birthday again~ and to everyone else who took the time to read this, Thank you :-)

Tags: fanfiction, member: kamenashi kazuya, member: tanaka koki

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  • legally blonde Kame !

    Seasons change and quite literally, Kame did too! Maybe yesterday or the day before someone posted on twitter this very low quality photo…

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