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Kanjani 8’s new commercial for Morinaga Hi-Chew released

Kanjani 8’s new commercial for Hi-Chew’s “Kamigokochi UP de Chew!” began airing in Japan earlier today.

Hi-Chew is a popular Japanese fruit flavored soft-chewy candy sold by Morinaga & Company. In conjunction with the commercial release, Morinaga has updated their official website with pictures of Kanjani 8 members holding four gigantic Hi-Chews, green apple, strawberry, grape and grapefruit flavors. There is also three different versions of the commercial videos uploaded on the website, 15 seconds, 30 seconds and a long version. 

Title: kanjani Hi  chew 8 cm
DL link: Mediafire
Video length: 1:02mins
download format: .mp4
resolution: 1280x720
video size: 19.96MB
video streaming credit:

Please to meet you Ryo *_*
Tags: cm, news: member: nishikido ryo, project getting to know news

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