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JunDa Drabble on a Friday!

Junno's Master Plan
Junno x Tatsuya

Drabble 97 words


With his right cheek resting flatly in Junno’s lap, Tatsuya lazily asks, “ne, what shall we do today?”

Junno hums in quick ponder before he replies, “the same thing we do every day, Uepi”.

“… And that would be?”

“Try to take over the world”, he explodes most enthusiastically.

Tatsuya quakes into a loud crackle, twisting around to meet Junno’s gaze, “and how do you propose we do that?”, he queries, quite anxiously awaiting the response.

“I don’t know yet”, Junno answers, bending over to whisper against Tatsuya’s lips, “but kiss me until I figure it out”.



Oh why can't my life be as happy and lazy as JunDa's?! *sighs*

Scribbled because I can't find the gif that I wanted to post >_< and so I have 10mins to spare before getting ready for work - *sighs* Saturday-san, please hurry and get here already! 

Happy Friday! (●^o^●)

Tags: fanfiction, member: junnosuke taguchi, member: ueda tatsuya

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