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fandom under attack... again?

give fandom a heartattack
As some of us may already know... D-addicts is down. And with that there is/was a bit of a panic about CJ Entertainment America sending a request to Google for the removal of D-Addicts... and I've noticed DramaCrazy to be on the list too... see for yourselves here

Try and imagine fandom 5yrs... or say 2yrs from now. Because from the way things are going, very soon we'll have little to none.

Anyway, the latest news
(as far as I've read and according to sarsfansubs who was trying to contact the owner), is that 'there's a problem with the host server's HDD', and it seems like D-addicts is looking into it ~ so we're still safe for now?

hmmm, so let's enjoy it while it lasts~ Happy Monday!

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