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Top 10 Words for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day *_*

How are you romantics doing?

So what I've got here are 10 different words to express Valentine's Day. What I want to know is, what emotion/expression/sentiment would you use to describe each KAT-TUN member in terms of your own feelings this valentine's Day?

for me:
Kame (-biased): Aphrodisiac, Casanova, Valentine, Romantic, Amour, Adonis (except he's on the chibi side)
Taguchi: Sweetheart, Adonis (I've redeemed myself *_*)
Koki: Sweetheart, Saccharine, Valentine, Adonis
Tat-chan: Amour, Saccharine, Unrequitted, Adonis
Yuicchi: Sweetheart, Valentine, Romantic, Adonis



#1: Romantic




marked by expressions of love or affection; conducive to or suitable for lovemaking; a person of romantic temperament or disposition

#2: Valentine




a sweetheart chosen or complimented on Valentine's Day; a gift or greeting sent on this day

#3: Amour




a usually illicit love affair

#4: Adonis




a very handsome young man


#5: Aphrodisiac




something that excites; an agent that arouses or is held to arouse sexual desire


#6: Infatuation




foolish or extravagant love or admiration.

Infatuation is like a roller coaster ride – crazy, scary and somewhat fun


#7: Casanova




lover, especially a man who is a promiscuous and unscrupulous lover



#8: Unrequited




not reciprocated or returned in kind

"Moreover, a good solution for unrequited love is, of course, new love


#9: Saccharine




overly sentimental; mawkish; unpleasantly sweet


#10: Sweetheart




darling; one who is loved.


The Greeks and Egyptians believed the heart was the center of the emotions. English speakers borrowed the idea, and sweet + heart has been a term of endearment – particularly for romantic love – since the Middle Ages.


souced dictionary meanings: merriam-webster online




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