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Tegomass on “笑っていいとも (Waratte Iitomo)”


The video has already been posted elsewhere but here's a hard translation of what transpired on “笑っていいとも (Waratte Iitomo)” - download links of the preview is also included:

  • Tegomass got asked why they made their debut in Sweden.  I think Tegomass fans have heard this so many times, but when Tamori asked the duo what they thought of the place now, Massu said he went there last year and probably liked it the most.  He said he thought Sweden was, “relaxing, pretty, and nice”.
  • Tegoshi said he goes to pretty much every soccer match Japan’s national team plays at if it’s in Japan.  When Tamori had asked him whether the matches ever clash with his work schedule, Tegoshi said, “I’ll tell my manager there’s a match on this day so please keep that day free (from work).”
  • Massu watches a little soccer, but otherwise he said he doesn’t have many hobbies.  But Tegoshi helped him along, saying Massu likes clothes, so the conversation turned to the clothes he was wearing today:  A mysterious black wrap around scarf he got from Aoyama (Tamori butted in saying whether the shop attendent asked Massu, ‘are you sure you want to buy this?’), shorts from a place with shops in Harajuku and Shinjuku, red shirt with skulls (Massu said he wanted to look a little manly), a bow tie attached to a chain, and a blazer.
  • Tegoshi declined to wear Massu’s accessories, and said he liked rock fashion more.  Whites and blacks mostly.
  • Tegoshi said he listens to rock music more, while Massu said he likes NEWS and Tegomass songs more.
  • Tegoshi talked about how Massu can silence an entire stadium of fans with his out-of-the-blue stories.  He said usually fans are really nice and laugh and cheer at your jokes, but, “I don’t think there are many people who can do the opposite so I think he should keep this skill”.
  • Massu talked about when the press ask Tegomass whether they go out for dinner in their private lives, Tegoshi says, “of course not”, because they see each other all the time at work.  “I wish he were more nicer,” Massu said (more or less sounded like he was teasing though, don’t worry).
If, interested, the video preview of the talk can be downloaded here...

video DL: MF (.mp4)
video specs: .flv (854x360 HQ) / .mp4 (480x360HQ)
video length: 0:55secs
original streaming:
text translation: momo-edgewood.wordpress

Please to meet you Tegomass *_*
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