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Wish Upon a Cupcake

Title: Wish Upon a Cupcake.
Author: kissmegreen
Category:  One Shot
Pairing: Taguchi x Nakamaru (main) / Taguchi x OOOO (hinted)
Rating: PG
Genre: Au / Fluff
Disclaimer: I only own the story...
Summary: Nakamaru likes Taguchi, in love with him even. But Taguchi isn't only oblivious to this, but he also seems to have his attention focused on someone else, and Nakamaru may just sulk about it or declare 'war'. 
Word Count: 1401

Note: This can be considered a late Birthday fic for Nakamaru, but primarily written for itz_menos - Happy Birthday girl !


Wish Upon a Cupcake.

He’s watching him. From the corner of his eyes he can see him grinning much too happily for his comfort.

It’s annoying.

Or rather it hurts watching that flirty nervous grin wiping along the ridges of his jaw lines, gracing his already handsome features because it’s meant for someone else, and Nakamaru wonders what Ueda has that he doesn’t. What would he have to do to get Taguchi not just smiling but smile because of him, smiling specially for him.

So it sorts of irks him that Taguchi has this ‘out of space’ kuki yomenai (KY) personality, because this means Nakamaru would need to work extra hard to get pass the platonic ‘geeky’ love Taguchi has for him. How could he convince Taguchi that a light brush against his shoulder isn’t just a mere ordinary touch but is deliberate, hoping to inspire something? How will Taguchi ever know that Nakamaru’s smile isn’t just the spreading of his lips, but an expression of intensity, of feelings immensely embedded in his core? Will Taguchi ever crack the code when Nakamaru offers to go grab a meal together, that it isn’t just a gesture at ‘member ai’ but more neatly so?

Everything is done for the sake of never wanting to see him go.

It sorts of bugs him really, that every time Taguchi drops another bad pun he wants to laugh but he can’t because he’s not suppose to, nor is he expected to. His role over all these years has been to tease and ‘pick on’ Taguchi along with Koki and Kame… save for Ueda, he’s the only one with the luxury of openly showing his affection for Taguchi. It really bugs him, this jealousy he feels.

It makes him mad, real mad when all Taguchi sees him as is his gaming buddy, dragging him to all these survival war games and is completely oblivious that each time Nakamaru loses, he also feels like he’s losing Taguchi… losing Taguchi to ‘him’ and Nakamaru begins to wonder if it’s too much to hope that they’ll one day become real life partners, to have and to hold today and tomorrow and he really wants to be greedy and reserve forevermore too. But he looks over at Junno and Junno is smiling while reading a text message, his face glowing with that flirty nervous grin again.

And Nakamaru’s heart can’t help itself but break a little bit more.

Everything he’s feeling starts to fall into some shadowy pit that’s causing him this severe unease in the deep of his stomach, and he’s almost sure it makes sense to just give up now and save himself from the eminent heartbreak that he’ll suffer.

A whole month passes and it’s now September 4th.

He’s sitting at home sulking in the solitude of a war movie showing in black and white pictures when his doorbell dings. The clock on his wall reads 12:05am so whoever it is, is presumptuous and annoying he thinks. But his agitation soon dissipates upon answering to Taguchi’s grin with a six pack of Heineken waving in one hand and in the other, a frosted cupcake with one lit candle.

“Happy Birthday”, Taguchi cheerily greets.

Frank with surprise, Nakamaru’s eyes follow the time on Taguchi’s wrist which reads 11:05pm before he asks, “is your watch broken?”

“No. it’s just 20mins fast”.

Ahh… I see”.

“Keeps me on schedule”, Junno readily and obliviously supplies, “otherwise I may have missed your birthday”, he chirps with an accomplished breath of relief.  

Nakamaru looks at him incredulously and subtlety mocks with, “how convenient”, and then wanting to add ‘you did miss it, you idiot’, but he only smiles before breaking into a winding grin because as much as Taguchi is just a clueless fool, it’s one of his many charms and another reason why he loves him so - love is strange, Nakamaru begins to believe.  

Taguchi pushes himself pass the doorway, “I would have been here earlier but Uepi wanted my help with something”, he easily says, quite innocently.

Nakamaru jerks a bit with such mention, no helping the pent up jealousy he’s feeling, “what am I, twelve?”, he tuts, “you didn’t have to leave whatever you were doing with Ueda-kun to come all the way here just for me to blow out a candle”.

There’s something in his voice. And it isn’t the usual jesting.  Somewhere around the edges of his tone is a coat of something bitter, sad and lonely and he wonders if Taguchi can hear it too, but if he does hear it, then he really doesn’t make it obvious.

“That, I did think about…”, Taguchi starts, “but then I imagined you sitting in the dark whining about getting a year older and I couldn’t stand the morbid image any longer so decided to come”.

“Well thank you”, Nakamaru’s sarcasm is thick.

“Now stop your secret wallowing and let’s celebrate”, Taguchi says putting the beers on the counter before briefly draping an arm over Nakamaru’s shoulders, “I wanted to be here. End of story”, he reassures, “and if it makes you feel any better”, shoving the birthday cupcake out to Nakamaru, “then go ahead and make a wish”, and there’s a carefree smile tugging at his lips, “maybe I’ll let you win a game of survival today. Wink, wink”, he chortles.

Nakamaru suddenly finds himself nervous with Taguchi leaning warm against him. And maybe too, it’s the way in which Taguchi’s looking at him with eyes piercing deeply with intent like he’s reading his every reflex, and apparently the cat has got his tongue for he makes no reply and his every muscle in his chest is straining, trying hard to control the outburst of supreme happiness that’s slowly beginning to mend his feelings.

Taguchi is here.  He’s here for me.

The surreal reality has Nakamaru just standing there, staring and gaping before he starts to smile, his face folding into a grin staring at Taguchi in the brightness of his eyes, and all Nakamaru wants to do is lean in and hug him and pray to God that his feelings will one day be conveyed and returned.

He pulls Taguchi’s hands with the cupcake closer to his lips, closes his eyes and blows out the flickering candle light making a wish.

There’s no doubt about it. He has long accepted that Taguchi is an idiot and he obviously is too, but he loves the guy even so, and no qualms about it, he’ll continue to love him each day more and more.

He takes the beer and leads them both to the online gaming set stack in the cluttered corner of the living room… a soft chuckle is tickling his chest as he listens to Taguchi's animated talks about his last kill, and threatening to whip Nakamaru's ass in their next survival game.

Nakamaru sinks his index finger into the frosting of the cupcake as he silently prays Taguchi does. He then licks his fingertips then deciding that the taste, texture and feel of it all are awesomely perfect.

“It's good”, he supplies with one of his signature lopsided grins, “but bribing me with sugar or any form of sweetness won't get you anywhere”, he warns with a smirk.

Taguchi quakes into a sonorous crackle, “and don't you dare think because it's your birthday, I'll be going easy on you", he retorts snatching the last piece of frosted cupcake from Nakamaru's hand and pokes it in his mouth, “may the best man win", he threatens in an annoyingly confident tone. His competitive grin is already on and it’s breathtakingly contagious.

Nakamaru’s grin seems to bud even more.

He’s watching Taguchi from the corner of his eyes, watching him grinning happily and of course, much to his delight. It’s reassuring, he feels, very compelling and it makes his heart bounce in crazy flip flops when Taguchi throws a not so much flirty, but a genuinely happy and comfortable grin towards him, happiness so bright reaching the crinkles of his eyes, gorgeous lips pulling into a grin with teeth and all showing… Taguchi is looking most stupidly attractive, naively flaunting his charm which is like a jump start to Nakamaru’s already racing heart.

‘War’ is now officially declared, Nakamaru decides.

The real survival game now begins, and convicted he is, that surely, he’ll win.

After all, even wishes upon a cupcake do come true. ~




Note: This is my first TaguMaru fic, but I think I managed to get the characters/interaction down, right? >.< And forgive me, but you know me, I just had to ninja in some JunDa in the mix, but I hope you had a fun read Dear, after all, things ended in TaguMaru's favour *-*  and to everyone who have read this, thanks for reading ^^

Tags: fanfiction, member: junnosuke taguchi, members: nakamaru yuichi

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