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kissmegreen (Lyan)
08 November 2018 @ 12:25 am

I miss KAT-TUN.

I feel like every time I update that's the only thing I echo but it's true.  I wonder when next they'll come back to me... to us? Even in his recent jweb update, Nakamaru said it's been a while since he saw Tatsuya and Kame... and I guess starting from tomorrow Kame will be busy with his drama and all.

I'm still mad that there's no countdown and I'm still mad that there's no MousePeace.

So like as I've said before, thank goodness for Tame Tabi. It's life.

I really love last Friday's episode (Nov 02, 2018).  Just look how silly they look acting inconspicuous 😂

We only got one round of 'Ikemen Janken' but it was really fun.Collapse )
Current Mood: missing KT
Current Music: two by kat-tun