October 19th, 2018


The Butterfly Who Waited

Title: The Butterfly Who Waited
Rating: twisted fluffy feelings; romance
Pairing: Klaroline
The Vampire Diairies x The Originals
Disclaimer: Story. Mine.
Summary:  "Who was it that said time heals all wounds?"  It was Caroline's question asked from the window of Elena's office. Prompted by TO 5x13: Caroline's life through the years waiting for Klaus though not knowing if he's dead or alive— he simply kissed her then disappeared when she couldn't follow through with her goodbye.
Words: 2616


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only Ten no Koe understands

These days I've been jumping back a bit into my old fandom self... as in, I go find things I want instead of waiting for others to post it.
It's time consuming but it's fun... and it really allows to me rediscover my love for KAT-TUN... Except for weibo the international fandom is as dead as a doorpost. People hardly share anything useful these days.

Though, I mean, I do understand. Maybe.

KAT-TUN is back and they've done a lot since then but I still get the feeling that something is missing... the last time I got a HUGE surprise that had my heart throbbing with excitment was their comeback announcement... everything else just seems... expected... you know? Like with their comeback comes, a comeback concert... a comeback album... a short tour, Tame Tabi....

I was really looking forward to their Countdown Concert... I feel that would've really meant something big... like, 'YES, THEY'RE REALLY BACK AND RECLAIMING THINGS".

Anniversary or not, I'm really annoyed that another group will get to do it instead. The fact that KAT-TUN came back after TWO years of working their asses off and have been working even harder since coming back, they deserved it... HYPHENS deserve some love.

I feel like only Ten no Koe understands this.

I swear, Tame Tabi is my only salvation when it comes to fandom life.