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kissmegreen (Lyan)

Tame Tabi is a whole lot different from Cartoon KAT-TUN and I guess many people still cling to that style of bangumi - I'm guessing it's because that's how many people got a foot into the fandom and the OTP ships were stronger there... so it holds nostalgic feelings and while I also loved CTKT, I must say bangumi like Shounen Club Premium and Tame Tabi are my favourites!

SCP is obvious, they get to experiment with their music and with other people... it was actually their playground and I get the feeling they had a good bit of control over what songs they'd perform and how they'd perform it and at those moments, I feel like YES! I was right to have chosen KAT-TUN.

But then Tame Tabi...

Kizuna DonCollapse )
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Current Music: ツイテオイデ by kat-tun