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kissmegreen (Lyan)
09 March 2018 @ 08:59 pm

I'm back on my shit (again).

So this sudden KAT-TUN fan event; First Impression - Ask Yourself.

First of all, it's suspicious!

Like, why is it so sudden? A friend was telling me that people were associating it with the release of Real Face - so it would be like an anniversary but come on, that makes it all the more suspicious since they would've had all that time to plan.

But what makes me all the more suspicious is that it's FREE!!!!! This is JE! So why is there no money involved?!!!!???

So second of all, it's suspicious!

Third month in and they're still MIA. As another friend pointed out, they turn up at Countdown then disappeared until March 22. To be honest, Softbank is huge but it's not their AD. It's shared.

And as much as I'm happy for a single, can I rant a bit about not getting an album?! I mean, they'd almost 2 years to make songs so why a single? Do they intend to sing the same 6nin, 5nin and 4nin songs at a 3nin reUNION concert? What about their solo songs?

And finally, third of all, it's suspicious!

ugh, I really don't get this comeback.

Honestly, until I go to that concert and see them with my own two eyes, they're not back. I believe they're coming but they're not quite here yet.

It's a shame.

but then there's the loyal optimistic fangirl voice that keeps saying;

I just want my boys back, ya'll
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